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Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by ejr, May 2, 2007.

  1. ejr

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    I am using the latest version

    After recording a DVD and ejecting the recorded DVD, The CD Writing Wizard in Windows XP pops up and tells me that "The files are ready to be written, but the CD was ejected from the drive. What do you want to do?"

    Is this happening to others?

    Also, how to resolve?
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  2. Whisperer

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    Can you try re-writing your question in different words. I know you are new to this but "recording" is more of a term for the video tape age.

    When making DVD backups, you are either copying (ripping) or writing (burning).

    What is "The CD Writing Wizard"?

    You are copying a DVD original to DVD blank media correct? ... not CD media correct?

    Do you have a DVD burner drive in your computer? ... and not just a CD burner drive or a DVD-ROM (read only) / CD writer combination drive.

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  3. ejr

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    OK...let me try again.

    Opeating System = Windows XP Home SP2
    CloneDvd2 = V
    Drive F = DVD ROM
    Drive E = DVD RW

    Every time I copy an original film to blank media (DVD +R), the ripping goes fine and the burning goes fine. When the DVD is finished burning I have CloneDVD set to play music to tell me it's done.

    So I walk over to the computer and eject my new backup copy leaving the original DVD in the player. As soon as I eject the backup is when a Window on my computer pops up. This Window that pops up is known as the CD Writing Wizard. For some reason, after successfully burning a DVD, my computer thinks that it is writing files to a CD.

    The screen that pops up says:

    "The Files are ready to be written, but the CD was ejected from the drive. What do you want to do?"

    Then it lists a few options.

    This never used to happen when I made backup copies of movies before now.
  4. ejr

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    I think I have resolved the problem. I went and explored the DVD RW drive and found that my wife accidentally downloaded some digital pics to the drive to record to CD, but never recorded them.

    So the drive was telling me that the pics were ready to be recorded.
  5. bjproc

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    yip, thats windows built in writer software, delete all thats in the seaaion