clonedvd vs nero???

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by maddogvic, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. maddogvic

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    would there be any real movie quality difference between nero and clonedvd once a movie was written to my hard drive using clonedvd2. :confused:
    thanks in advance.
  2. Webslinger

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    If you choose "dvd+/-r DL" in Clonedvd2 and output "dvd files", then no. But I'm not sure I understand what you're asking either.
  3. maddogvic

    maddogvic Active Member

    If I use clone to encode and compress the movies for SL disks not DL for burning at a later time, would a movie's quality be any different if I burn them using Nero,....or if I use clone to burn them.:doh:
    thanks webslinger
  4. Webslinger

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    read please

    Also, if you do a quick search you'll find numerous threads where I've explained this to varying degrees.
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  5. Clams

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    It's not so much which one you use to burn them, but which one you use to compress them.

    Both DVDShrink and it's offspring Nero Recode have a compression advantage over CloneDVD2 - IF you select the deep analysis modes. This is at the expence of TIME however - they take longer.

    However.... if you're compressing only down to 85% or better, you might as well do it with Clone - it's faster and you can't see the difference.

    With any product - just taking the main movie with only the AC3 5.1 audio - helps a lot with quality too. The more crap you leave behind, the less compression is needed.

  6. maddogvic

    maddogvic Active Member

    ok, i read that,...
    I guess I'm still not making myself clear.
    I'm not using nero "recode" just clone, I'm reffering to the burning process of clonedvd2 and nero burning rom.:doh:
    the reason I'm asking is I have friend that I recommended for her to buy AnyDVD & CloneDVD2 from sly,..and she asked if she would need any burning software (i.e. nero) and I told her no,..that the 2 programs will be all she needs.
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  7. Webslinger

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    In terms of burning, there's no advantage, except I think Nero allows you to do bitsetting/booktype changes with +R media, so
    that can potentially save you a step.

    You can take a look at step 3 from for more information on bitsetting
  8. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    That is all she needs . . . Except I prefer Anydvd/Clonecd for Double layer backups (with Verbatim +R DL media) to preserve the original layer break position, but Clonedvd will burn Verbatim +R DL fine as well (Clonedvd just won't preserve the original layer break position).
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  9. maddogvic

    maddogvic Active Member

    thanks webslinger,..
    my burners bitset is set for rom for +r automaticaly
  10. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    Then there's no advantage. Your friend will likely find Clonedvd2 very easy to use as well (but I also recommend Clonecd for double
    layer backups). Your friend can certainly try the free 21 day trial to see if she likes the software.
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  11. trussme

    trussme Well-Known Member

    Webslinger, I'm puzzzled...

    I only back up the main movie. I use Verbatim +R DL to keep main features that run over 2 hours on one disc at 100%. I use Clonedvd2 set at +R DL. I know you recommend Clonecd...but I don't want everything from the original, just the main movie. Why is it so important to preserve the original layer break position? I would buy Clonecd if I could (a) only back up the main movie, thereby preserving the original layer break (if this is so important)....could I do this with "CD" ?
  12. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    Only wanting to backup the main movie is, I feel, irrelevant as a full disc backup will contain the main movie as well. Anydvd removes restrictions on the disc, so you can easily skip otherwise user prohibited operations (skipping past warning messages and/or advisories). More often than not the "remove annoying adverts and trailers" works perfectly fine in Anydvd in conjunction with Clonecd as well.

    If you're using Verbatim +R DL, the main movie is a given no matter what--in addition to the all the extras without any compression. Why would you want to waste the space on a +R DL disc for?

    Clonedvd, as far as I'm concerned, is for compressing video onto single layer discs. I'm not interested in compressing/degrading video quality.

    Please read

    Clonecd will retain the original layer break position; all this means is that the layer break pause you many notice while playing the original source disc will occur in the exact same place as your backup (it is felt that in some cases great care has been taken as to where this occurs on the original disc; this isn't true for all titles, but it's true for some). Clonedvd2 places the layer break position towards the end of the last chapter on the first layer. If you find the layer break position to be less jarring on the original disc (that is, the pause takes place where there isn't much going on in the film), then you may want to use Clonecd instead of Clonedvd2 when using +R DL media. Clonedvd2 is a transcoder based application; it remasters. Shrink, Recode, etc., cannot retain the original layer break position either. In terms of playback issues, generally, it shouldn't matter whether you use Clonedvd2 or Clonecd. The difference is where the layer break position occurs when using +R DL media. Generally speaking, one should use Verbatim +R DL media (made in Singapore).

    Clonecd does full disc backups. With Anydvd's "jump directly to title menu" (this feature will not work with all movies, but it does work with a lot), most of the main advertisements that normally play are skipped over. The whole point of using a +R DL is to avoid compression--and I do want the bonus features as well; I don't want to have to get out my original to watch them.
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  13. trussme

    trussme Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Webslinger!

    Now I'm clear... I just did Casino Royale (Main Movie Only) using 6130 AnyDvd & 2903 Clonedvd2 on a Verbatim SL +R was at 72%. Then I did the same process except with Verbatim +R DL at 100%....BIG difference in video quality....If I can't get 85% or better, I'm sticking with Verb +R DL. I know I'm wasting space...but quality ranks over space & $$ to me. AND, thanks very much for your advice!!