CloneDVD Vista only problem


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Jan 28, 2007
My setup consists of an internal drive (used for reading) and an external usb drive for writing. On the same system I have 2 sata drives one that has XP and the other has Vista .. I just switch the cable when I want to boot into one or the other...

I have noticed that when I make a copy in Vista all is normal the problem is when I eject the disc in the usb drive and place blank disc inside and click write on clonedvd2 (to make a second copy) the program makes that tick tock sound waiting for a blank even though I just put one in... I'll eject the blank and put one in and the next time clonedvd will not report the drive ready and basically locks up. On XP this never happens.... I am wondering if there is a timer or something thats different in Vista that clonedvd is not looking at the same way it handles an external drive XP.
Checking Vista itself the drive is seen and all is well its just clonedvd after making that first copy does not like me trying to do another.
If I flip that cable and go back to XP on the exact same hardware setup all works as supposed too....

I use this method to easily make more than one copy without the need to retranscode.

Does anyone else use an internal and an external drive to dupe discs? If so can you also verify the problem..

I guess to follow up on that problem ... I replaced the external with a different drive (usb2) the other drive I pulled out was firewire and not usb so maybe its a firewire issue because I was able to make multiple copies with the usb drive. Dont know why it would matter but if anyone has a firewire external maybe you can confirm...... who knows..... vista / firewire issue ?