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    In this procedure, I am reading with and writing with, the Pioneer Burner. The problem does not happen when I read from one Burner and write to the other. Only, when switching from the original disc to the blank disc.

    AnyDVD is in use during the following:

    1. I backup a DVD, and after the reading cycle is over and the writing cycle starts, I get the "Oh! No Error"- stating a media problem.
    2. I now use DVD Shrink to rip the DVD to HD and burn back to the Pioneer DVR- 115D Burner. No problems-the copy is perfect. Firmware of Pioneer is 1.18 and Version of CloneDVD2 is

    If I use CloneDVD2 and burn to my Plextor 760A Ver 1.07- no problems occur. Is it the Burner or the software?
  2. Chris Gonzales

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    Hi pepegot1,

    The writer may overheat or the firmware crashes when doing a reading-and-writing session in a row.

    1. If the the PlexTools are running, exit them before working with AnyDVD and CloneDVD. The PlexTool may interfere negatively with the Pioneer.

    2. After the reading process is finished and the source DVD has been kicked out by the writer, wait for a full minute. After that minute insert the blank.

    If this doesn't help, then it should be no overheating problem.
    Change the master-slave configuration of that device then.