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    I recently purchased the Holy Bible King James Version on dvd. this is the one you see on late night tv by bamzu. It has the old testament and new. The new testament copied fine but the old testament is too large or something when the dvdclone is reading it the compression ratio takes forever the goes to zero all the way in the red. I have copied large movies like king kong with 50 percent maybe but yet it still works. this goes to zero then errors out when trying to says 47 % on the first screen but then goes to zero after scanning.TC 5 3 TCE this is what I get after about 5 minutes into say target size too small. it tells me to increase the target size on the title selection page????????any dvd is working fine but clone is having a problem. It has like 43 titles each of which has many many chapters.It is basically a slide show with audio reading each chapter of the bible.
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