CloneDVD Mobile Trial Encode Time Limit?

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by zrevai, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. zrevai

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    Is there a time limit that doesnt seem to be mentioned anywhere on the website or documentation that I noticed when looking that limits the 21 day trial to an 8min encode??? I thought all SlySoft products were full trials during the 21 day trial period and were not limited or crippled, and that they just expired after the 21 days. Is CloneDVD Mobile the exception to the norm? Did I miss something? Can someone please enlighten me as to why the trial keeps encoding to 8min and then saying its completed???
  2. Charlie

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    It's not crippled to just 8 minutes it is a full version of what you would get if registered.
  3. zrevai

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    Well I have tried several titles an my desktop and laptop and both have completed, mind you not failed or crashed but completed at 8min. I own every SlySoft app but CloneDVD Mobile and Game Jackal but am looking to purchase DVD mobile if the quality turns out well on my iPod and iPhone. But an 8min sample seems silly dont you think. Do you need me to post any info like driver overlay info or the like?
  4. Charlie

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    Not really sure I am still playing and learning this as well as I just got it a few months ago myself so trouble shooting. Allow a bit of time I am sure between now and in the morning that a user far well involved with this program will be able to help more than I.
  5. profcolli

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    Could be several things - what exactly are you trying to convert? Are you selecting the main movie for a DVD? Is it a TV series? Did you use the scissor option by mistake to "cut" chapters? Try posting a screenshot of the main window where you select the movie file (see example below).


    More info would help - the program works exactly the same in trial or licenced versions.

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  6. mike20021969

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    how much free space do you have on your hard drive?
    perhaps that is affecting the limit to 8 minutes.
    is a playable file actually being created that is 8 minutes long-is that what you are saying?
    make sure the box to create individual chapters ISN'T checked just in case.
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  7. zrevai

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    Got it working finally...

    Not sure why it was freaking out :bang: on me like that :confused: but after a few dozen more tries it finally encoded an entire movie :clap:. I did not use the scissors and yes I chose the main title on the DVD. I have now successfully encoded 8 and counting movies during my trial and when I have the extra cash I am gonna buy it for sure!!! :rock: