CloneDVD Mobile for Microsoft Zune 30GB

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by kickstand95, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. kickstand95

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    As by the title you can see I have a Zune. My question is: Is CloneDVD Mobile compatible with this and does it also covert different formats such as AVI to WMV. I am looking for a good converter to do this without any or as little as possible shadowing.

    Can anyone help?
  2. creeper6996

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    CloneDVD Mobile does do the Microsoft Zune (mp4) converting from DVDs. Not sure about the AVI to WMV.
  3. la_bruin

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    WMV... not MP4

    I've read this numerous times on this board and I'm not sure why this myth has perpetuated but the Zune device itself does not natively read MPEG4 files. It's client-side (Windows PC) software takes any file file and converts MPEG4, Quicktime MOV, and virtually everything else into the 320x240 Windows Media Video 9.2 codec.

    An easy way to test this is to connect the Zune to 'guest' PC running the Zune software, i.e. a Windows workstation that it isn't paired to have copy a video on the Zune back down to the PC through the Zune software. The file is a WMV file.

    The harder way to verify this for yourself is to look at the file while it's on the Zune: Simply use the 'view the Zune as a hard drive in My Computer' hack available on the Internet for Windows XP machines and directly look at the encoded file on the Zune while connected to your computer. The file is a .WMV file encoded in v9.2.
  4. profcolli

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    Well said. ALL of these devices that require wmv9 need a two-step process - CloneDvdMobile to produce a mobile format, then the device conversion software or WMP10 or 11 to sync to a format compatible with the device.

    When will CloneDvdMobile provide native wmv9 support?