CloneDVD Mobile - converting from HDD files?

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by Glyn, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. Glyn

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    Is it possible to convert from an already ripped DVD located on the HDD (ripped by AnyDVD/CloneDVD) using CloneDVDMobile or do I have to insert the original DVD and clone from there? :confused:

    The destination will be the iPhone for playback not only on the iPhone screen but in the widescreen display fitted in my car so any other hints/tips for converting for that format would be much appreciated. :bowdown:

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  2. Zeratul

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    to use clonedvd mobile, all you have to do it point it to a video_ts directory. it doesnt matter where it is located. you can rip from iso, hard drive, and physical disk without a problem.
  3. thing

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    Really don't want to hijack the thread. :disagree: ....but:

    I'll confess that I jumped ship from CloneDVD to DVDdecrypter because I didn't want to burn my backups anymore as I'd got a media streamer and 4 years ago you couldn't output to a single .vob file using CloneDVD (1Gb max) so to watch a movie I'd have to load a folder and there was a transition between files. With the other prog I could extract to a single .vob that I'd rename as the movie and then the media streamer would pick it up and play.

    So, now I'd like to convert these huge .vob files using CloneDVD mobile so I can watch them on my iPod Touch. Are you saying all I have to do is put each .vob file in a VIDEO_TS folder and it'll work? ('cos I tried browsing to the .vob and it's a no go).