CloneDVD mobile "AppCrash" / "must close" / closing when selecting VIDEO_TS folder

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    This thread is a short-list of all actions known to resolve the "crash" issue, which can appear in one of several ways.


    1. CloneDVD mobile simply closes the moment you select the VIDEO_TS folder

    2. The selection works but Windows announces it has a problem and must close the program

    We have been chasing after this problem for years and no matter what we do we can not duplicate it in our lab.
    The error can occur on all Windows platforms but seems to be more prevalent on Windows 7 or 8

    Perform these actions to recover CloneDVD mobile for the DVD process:

    1. If you have "RoboForm" running: CTRL-ALT-DEL, open Task Manager "processes", locate the process for "Roboform" and right click/end it.
    - For version 7 RoboForm we have feedback that you can add "CloneDVDMobile.exe" to the blacklist under "applications integration" under "options" in RoboForm and that fixes the problem.
    - Another tip is Roboform can be running as designed (browser plugin) but one needs to stop the process "robotaskbaricon.exe" in Task Manager/Processes

    2. For Windows 7/8: Shut down "Side bars" if they are active while using CloneDVD mobile.

    3. For Windows 7/8: Right click the CloneDVD mobile program icon and open "properties". Select "Compatibility" and set this for VISTA SP1.
    Feedback tells us this setting may need to be XP service pack 3 mode but normally going back one version should work.
    Some W8 users report success after they changed the compatibility mode to Vista SP1

    4. Also for Windows 7 or 8 if "3" does not help: Right click the shortcut icon on the Desktop, select "troubleshoot compatibility" and let Windows pick the better setting.

    5. For Windows 7 or 8: We have feedback that right clicking the program icon and selecting "run as administrator" fixes this.

    6. Stop any "Tablet" services (e.g. "Wacom"),"Tablet Input Services" running when you process with CloneDVD mobile

    7. If the "must close" error occurs, Windows may offer to fix (cough, cough) it and offer a "compatibility" repair or "troubleshoot compatibility". Select that.
    This often allows CloneDVD mobile to get off the system's problem radar.

    8. For Vista: make sure you have all possible Service Packs installed. This is known to fix this issue on Vista.

    Any additional comments, input can be added to the existing tread which will remain open:
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