CloneDVD mobile and Blu-ray disks

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by dougdave, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. dougdave

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    I am trying to use with blu-ray disks but cannot figure out what file on the disk to point to in the "DVD Video files" dialog box. I've looked though the online help as well as this forum and cannot find any help on this topic. Can I use CloneDVD mobile with blu-ray?

    Thanks in advance for any help you might have.
  2. mike20021969

    mike20021969 Well-Known Member

    clonedvdmobile only works with regular dvd's.
    it doesn't work with any hd formats.
  3. kristy34c

    kristy34c Member

    bluray/hd-dvd to Ipod

    so what is the solution for converting either HD-DVD or Bluray to Ipod or AppleTV? what are the tools that could be used etc.
  4. mike20021969

    mike20021969 Well-Known Member

    easiest solution is to buy the regular dvd and convert that.
  5. rosse59

    rosse59 New Member

    That's not a solution.
  6. peterbus

    peterbus Well-Known Member

    it may not be but it makes sense:D
  7. mightypile

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    Just for clarity:

    AnyDVD will allow you to backup your Blu-Ray disk to your hard drive, full-size. So, technically, Blu-ray is supported and cracked.

    Unfortunately, That's the extent of Blu-ray support. There is no way with Slysoft tools to re-encode the movie to another format or size. In another forum, they did say that they're working on this, but that it's not a priority.
  8. pacificdune

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    There are ways to do it, but it is a multiple step process and takes a long time.

    As more people move to blu-ray only libraries there will be an ever increasing need for this. A few that I can think of:

    1) An automated way to put the movie only on your harddrive. (Currently not so difficult, but not automated.)
    2) Creation of mp4 or avi files for use on portable playback devices like iphones, etc...
    3) Backup to DVD so you can watch the movie in you car or on a standard DVD player, Even if blu rays would work in a car I'm not sure I would want the master disks laying around in your car getting scratched.

    I think there are many valid and legal uses for tools like CloneDVD BD and CloneDVDmobile BD. Hopefully slysoft is working on them. If not maybe something like AutoGK HD will be created. I am still looking for a solution...

    Slysoft?? :)


  9. grnbriar

    grnbriar New Member

    1) Use AnyDVD to rip blu ray to hard disk
    2) Use ConvertXtoDVD3 to convert the main video file (.m2ts) to standard DVD format
    (This will also burn you a standard DVD if you wish)
    3) Use CloneDVDMobile to convert the standard dvd to needed format (psp for me)

    I hope SLySoft adds the .m2ts input to CLoneDVDMobile as this will save a lot of time, but these three tools give me the mp4 file at the resolution I need.

  10. JimSa

    JimSa Well-Known Member

    It's not quite so simple as using ConvertXtoDvd3. Many titles only have english in HD audio. It's downsampled by the players. ConvertXtoDvd3, doesn't recognize the HD audio streams for conversion. So you have to extract the audio, convert it, merge it into ConvertXtoDvd, build the DVD, and finally use CloneDVD Mobile. PIA.
  11. DrinkLyeAndDie

    DrinkLyeAndDie Retired Moderator

    If I were to do this I would use eac3to and tsMuxeR and rip the main movie from the BD to the HDD. I would use ConvertXtoDVD on that output and finally I would take ConvertXtoDVD's output and use CloneDVD mobile.
  12. JimSa

    JimSa Well-Known Member

    That's the same set up steps that I use. Still it's a PIA. A single movie conversion ends up taking well over 2 hours. Hoping that CloneDVD Mobile will just build this in at some point...
  13. pacificdune

    pacificdune Member

    tsMuxeR has an option to downconvert the TRUE-HD audio stream to AC3, so it's really not so bad.