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  1. vze2mp9g

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    GREAT! :clap:

    Before or after Slyce? ;)
  2. Frank

    Frank SlySoft Support Team

    Sooner than Slyce

    We are going to release a new CloneDVD mobile this week I'm told.
    The migration away from the old mobile engine is moving along quite well as this is the very same engine concept to be used in Slyce. 1806 was the biggest jump in that direction and we see mobile as less rigid now and the new processing is able to better handle difficult DVDs. Eventually we will totally drop FFMPEG as the root engine as this has more or less reached an end of life point.
  3. Ch3vr0n

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    Since the mobile conversion part of slyce uses the same engine the new clonedvd mobile uses it could be at the same time. But don't pin me down on that :)

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  4. FurryGuy

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    Thank you for the update, Frank. I was wondering why I seemed to have been experienced slightly more encoding errors with 1806 than I was experiencing with 1802. Now I know and am waiting for the next revision to "stress test" it with my backlog of encoding I put off doing.

    I was more lazy about encoding than waiting for error correction, I have more than enough ripped stuff to watch already ripped.
  5. Frank

    Frank SlySoft Support Team

    Improvement, yes

    I can say for sure that the >1806 release will pick up a lot of errors.
    There are still some DVDs that will not process but the product is becoming more and more tolerant and less rigid in trans-coding. Don't expect the next release to be a magic wand. There are parallel activities between the engine migration in CDm and the development of the process for Slyce.
  6. Erkunder

    Erkunder Well-Known Member

    I don't want to appear pushy, but are there any news about the next (beta) release of CloneDVD mobile?
  7. Frank

    Frank SlySoft Support Team

    Like Christmas

    Fernando is very busy with Slyce at the moment and is trying to squeeze out an official release for mobile.

    To qualify my original statement, the migration going on in Mobile now will form the BASIS for the next engine release as we move away from FFMPEG. 1806 mobile is a lot more tolerant that previous versions but there are many "unsolved" authoring problems and this coming release will pick up many of the errors submitted by the automatic reporting routine.
  8. RClark

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    @Frank I'm curious - you say you are moving away from FFMPEG and developing a new engine I assume you are talking about a encoding/decoding (transcoding) engine? Is the "next engine" an in-house developed engine or an open source alternative? Will Slyce be using an open source engine for transcoding (namely x264) or an in-house developed engine? Sorry if my use of the terms encoding/decoding/transcoding are incorrect or out of context. Thanks.
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  9. calcu007

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    What is slyce?
  10. FurryGuy

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