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  1. Peer

    Peer Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    CloneDVD mobile beta is available for download.

    • CloneDVD mobile now correctly prevents energy saving while transcoding
    • Refined the new transcoding engine to improve handling of disc authoring issues not handled correctly in previous versions.
      Note: the new engine is performing well now in the field and we will continue to refine it using the feedback we get./B]
      [*]Additional fixes after Version 1805 to improve the product's performance with authoring issues through real-time logging reports and other improvements
      [*]Updated languages
      [*]Updated Helps

    Emphasis is put on the new trans-coding engine and real-time error reporting which is providing us with a lot of information.

    Please note that this version is a continuation of a major product change that is ongoing.
    We appreciate all the reports being sent to and the developer. We have enough input now to make some additional performance changes.
    There will be another significant update >1806 in the near future.

    The release of 1806 so quickly after the 1805 announcement is an example of this short cycle and real-time updating


    The 1802 beta will remain available for the time being, in case you experience problems and wish to do a regression testing. There is no support for the older version(s).
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  2. Moonie

    Moonie Well-Known Member

    thank u peer,

    but this "overhead bug" is still there...

    will not support for this profil, but this is obvious bug.
    without this problem we can use 5.1 and no user will cry for 5.1 support...
  3. Frank

    Frank SlySoft Support Team

    One-off remains one-off


    I've discussed this with Fernando and he gave you that old profile as a special one-off offer and this is in any event an extremely low-profile scenario.

    This may be addressed in some future product/release/beta but there are far more serious issues we are handling in CloneDVD mobile than this "overhead" thing which seems to be impacting an extremely low number of users.
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  4. Fernando

    Fernando Redfox Development Team

    Will be fixed in a week when we switch to avconv.
  5. Moonie

    Moonie Well-Known Member

    thank you fernando thank you :) :) .-) :clap::bowdown::bowdown:

    THIS is the difference between SLYSOFT and this buggy "Ape" software :)
    THIS is support...

    thank u again :)

    "avconv" is this a new transcoder engine?
    ok i found it

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  6. Spanky

    Spanky Well-Known Member


    I just finished Happy Feet 2 for iPad and the PSP.The transcoding engine is slower, it's not loading up the CPU cores like before so it takes longer. The payoff was worth the wait though, colors were very vibrant and smooth motion. I'll attach a screenshot of the CPU activity, not a complaint just sayin' :)

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  7. Moonie

    Moonie Well-Known Member

    wait for the transcoder engine :) (ask google) this enginge is faster and should load our cpu's ^^
  8. raymon07373

    raymon07373 Member

    I like this special error report directly to SlySoft's development team it would be nice if all the programs had it thank you
  9. Frank

    Frank SlySoft Support Team


    And we appreciate your kind words. Error gathering is key to successful development and the shorter/easier the path from user to developer is means problems/trends can be dealt with much quicker.

    We may only enable this when we make significant changes and turn it off when a release levels out, but for now we are very pleased with this real-time gathering.
  10. FurryGuy

    FurryGuy Well-Known Member

    That feature is so excellent! Slysoft rocks!
  11. FurryGuy

    FurryGuy Well-Known Member

    Frank, any plans you can comment on about implementing this error reporting feature in the other products Slysoft maintains? Adding this to AnyDVD, would be great as long as it doesn't bloat up the driver. As you point out less turnaround time for problems makes for rapid bug squashing.
  12. Frank

    Frank SlySoft Support Team

    Just a word about ffmpeg

    As we move forward with improvements to CloneDVD mobile we want to again mention that if you use a "roll-your-own" ffmpeg module you must incorporate changes made by SlySoft, especially the cham demuxer too. Otherwise ffmpeg rejects the input stream from ConeDVD mobile.
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  13. Frank

    Frank SlySoft Support Team

    error reporting for other products

    Something to think about, yes. However, a much as it might help I don't think AnyDVD is a good candidate for this kind of thing. The volume would bury us without filtering which exceptions get sent and which don't. And building such a filter would blow up the product.

    CloneDVD mobile is unique in its application and the error-reporting has shown it can be very helpful, especially after a release. We will probably turn this off once things settle down.

    But thanks for asking about it.
  14. HK_sends

    HK_sends Active Member


    I do have to thank you. I think short-cycle updating is a great way to address issues that are found. Here's hoping things stabilize quickly for you. :clap:

    -HK sends
  15. DerPriester1970

    DerPriester1970 Active Member

    Hi Frank.

    I think this will be a good tool for beta testers about testing CloneBD or whatever the name will be. Is this tool for the new program CloneBD too or is there no beta testing planned ?
  16. Frank

    Frank SlySoft Support Team

    It depends

    That is something we are considering for early problem gathering, yes. And at the moment we are not planning any pre-release beta.
  17. lostinlodos

    lostinlodos Well-Known Member

    Just a quick question of note; I know I've been away for a while and haven't maintained it. But

    -->is there any chance/interest of adding more standard "custom" profiles to the list.

    --> any way to create HTML5-WebAtom (aka WebM) on 1806 or near future? New tab supports shifting from my PC over WiFi, but only in WebM and DivX. :(

    --> just for knowing; who's library set is the encoder based on. The older one, as we all know, was know for taking a crap on its neighbour's lawn from time to time; hanging the system till it crashed.
  18. Erkunder

    Erkunder Well-Known Member

    I'd appreciate HTML5 compatible output formats, too.
  19. Frank

    Frank SlySoft Support Team

    Moving forward

    We will migrate the engine away from ffmeg in the next week or so if things go well and this may address some of these issues.

    As for html5 I don't see that coming any time soon, to be honest.

    In my time here I have yet to learn of anyone using it.
  20. Erkunder

    Erkunder Well-Known Member

    According to
    YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion use HTML5 video embedding. I would use HTML5 video tagging for my own video index, too, if CloneDVD mobile delivered suitable output.
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