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    Agree, the shorter the clip, the better the end result (probably because the issues are to compressed to notice on shorter stuff). The longer the file is, the worse it gets as the time progresses.
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    I create 3 divx file from the series baby looney toons using
    The files play ok on my pc but there is no audio and stops after 3 secs on my Freecom Mediaplayer 350 WLAN.

    Roll back to 1.2 waiting next release.
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    Any chance you guys might add NVIDIA CUDA support to offload the transcoding to the GPU? It should offer a great increase, some claim 400% compared to quad core.
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    The thought of conversion being sped up via the GPU is very tantalizing. The question here is whether the effort is worth it. Slysoft is using FFmpeg.

    Whether or not FFmpeg wants to add it is one thing but should Slysoft invest substantial time and effort using CUDA for this when it will have no impact for users of ATI videocards? Yes, ATI cards could make use of CUDA and PhysX but ATI hasn't gone that route. NVIDIA would be happy if ATI did but no interest has been demonstrated. I've also heard many times that CUDA is definitely not fun when trying to write code for. I have no personal experience so I really have no opinion on that.

    While the benefitis of the GP-GPU are very nice I'm not sure that it is currently a feasible option for a product like CloneDVD mobile. In the end the real decisions are up to Slysoft.
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    So guys, looks like we fixed this stupid PSP thingy. Can't tell you how I love that box. :)

    And don't expect CUDA. This nvidia "invention" is nonsense. But perhaps I implement something to speed up encoding/decoding by using Direct3D (pixel/vertex shaders) but for that the generic concept of ffmpeg has to be redesigned. So don't expect it very soon.

    For experts: Transferring (I)DCT/(I)FFT, ME, block filter ... to GPU is the easy part. But doing a DCT once is way much faster on CPU than on GPU. If you instead do that for the whole picture, say all 9720 blocks (Intra-Frame) then GPU outruns CPU. ffmpeg doesn't currently allow or support a "do-everything-at-the-end".
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    So is there a new beta on the horizon?
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    CloneDVDMobile beta issues

    i was trying to copy the movie "showtime" with clonedvd mobile beta,
    at about 50% clonedvdmobile froze and refused to do anything, when i checked the output file, it was blank. I am rolling back to and awaiting a new release
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    Follow up:
    I found two of the longest films I could track down to test the sync issues.
    Das Boot (337 minutes) (single disc, full film)
    After 3 hours no amount of resyncing audio (in VLC or MPC-HT) can solve the issue, at 4 hours, I can't even FIND the matching audio/video frames anymore.

    Napoleon 1977 (579 minutes) (2 4.5 hour DVDs) R:0
    Sync issues begin to be noticable at 80 minutes, hard to fix at 2 hours, and lost by 2 and a half.

    Close Encounters Of The Lesbian Kind (9 hours even, single DVD) R:0
    9 second delay at start for audio.
    Audio falls ahead by 2 hour point, (I didn't think that was possible before now)

    Do No 301 minutes R:6
    Full 13 second delay of audio at the beginning
    Audio sounds to be slowed down, resyncing does not help as it falls out after 12-20 minutes of play.