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  1. Webslinger

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    Version 2007 11 15
    - change: modified MPEG4 settings to speed up AVI profiles.
    - fix: encoding more than two passes could result in an
    error message with some profiles
    - added a constant 0.1 second delay to improve A/V
    synchronicity for AVIs
    - changed: Archos 704 WiFi profile; modified supported
    - new: quality setting is now saved and restored
    - changed: raised max allowed bitrate for Archos AV400/500/700
    - new: added profiles "Apple TV", "Apple iPhone"
    "Archos 605 Wifi", "Nokia 800",
    "Microsoft XBox 360", "TomTom GO 510/710"
    - fix: results from Archos profiles appeared to stop early, should
    be fixed now
    - fix: several AVI based profiles didn't work on some devices
    - fix: multipass encoding with more than one instance of
    CloneDVD mobile into the same directory was not possible
    - several minor fixes and improvements
    - Updated languages

  2. Groggle

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    APPLE TV profile

    When I use Apple TV profile in this new version, my Apple TV does not recognize the burns. They appear and play fine on the PC (itunes), but will not appear on the Apple TV playlist. I was using the highest resolution settings. I still get great playable and recognized rips when I use gen 5 hires profile (again at highest settings). Anybody else having trouble? I was just trying to get the best quality I could for playback.
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  3. ivanX

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    I know this has been asked before but will we see multiple processing soon? Thanks :clap: