CloneDVD mobile Audio / Video Sync Issues

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by XRipper, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. XRipper

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    First of all thanks to the SlySoft Team for updating CloneDVD mobile to and adding the much desired PSP AVC high Rez profiles:
    "Sony PSP 480x272 (AVC/H264)"
    "Sony PSP 720x480 (AVC/H264)"

    However, every Rip I have made since using the new profiles have been very much out of sync with Audio / Video. I have used different DVDs with the same results, in 1-pass / 2-pass transcodes. (using ANY-DVD latest ver.

    Anyone having similiar problems? Please do tell! Thankx.
  2. Peer

    Peer Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Can you give me some additional information, please?

    - exactly which titles/region?
    - PAL/NTSC?
    - what's the version of your PSP?
    - A/V sync's wrong also, when played with Windows Media Player?
    - How big is the offset? (and is it constant throughout the movie)
  3. gothchild

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    for the update
  4. ptriad60

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    Yes, i am having these same issues. Although grateful for the fact that Slysoft is doing the best they can to add features that the customer wants to enjoy, i find it kind of dissapointing when releases of upgraded software is released it sometimes does not deliver as expected or function as it should. I will continue to support Slysoft as i know that at least they try to implement the functions we want while attempting to increase quality, however this has not been the case in this "New Release" First off let me say that all of a sudden this software is wayyyyyyyy toooooooo slowwwwwwwww, i encoded a 6 minute cartoon in 2 pass and it took nearly 30 minutes to encode, leaving behind a file size of 25MB, i re-did the file in one pass mode and it took 18 minutes to encode with a final file size of 21MB. Both videos were PsP format 480x272 which i had to fix settings for in zoom mode which actually cut some of the picture off when playing back along with the audio synch issues. I encoded the same cartoon in Mediacoder and final file size was 8MB large, was totally in synch and video output was great at 480x272 and took about 8min to encode from the ripped .vob files. I cannot for the life of me figure out why Mediacoder being a freeware product can deliver a better product along these same lines. i would even be willing to wait longer for Slysoft CloneDvdMobile releases as long as they will deliver. Functions that should really be added to make processing the video more streamlined would be frame rate control, bit rate control, audio output control, and quality control function by percentage or pixel. All of the above are included in Mediacoder and i use them all the time to make great PsP Rips and transfers to my PsP which is now firmware 3.52. I don't want to down Slysoft because i still believe the product line is great, but can we get some of that old Slysoft success we used to see a lot of in the past. Please continue the good work you do, and i'm sure we will all be very happy with the final product.
  5. Dex66

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    Same here with sync issues, no problems with previous version.

    Ripping Smallville Season 5 NTSC, for my archos, tried generic, ipod5, archos (several), tried film (23.98) & deinterlaced (29.97) audio is a good couple of seconds ahead of the video in ALL cases
  6. XRipper

    XRipper Member

    These are all titles that worked fine with Version 2007 06 01
    Blade 1
    Road to Perdition
    The Time Machine (new release) etc. All region 1

    I have not found one that can sync correctly...

    PSP firmware 3.51
    Sync seems to be off by about 5 seconds (throughout whole movie).. Not to offend your fine Product :bowdown: of which I have enjoyed for over the last two years or so (registered member using ALL Slysoft products) DVDFab Platinum did all these movies correctly without sync issues @ "Sony PSP 480x272 (AVC/H264)" & "Sony PSP 720x480 (AVC/H264)" @ 128 audio and 1024 KBPS)

    .... Should I try 128 instead of 96 default. KBPS @ 768

    My intention here is just to find out if anyone else is having these same issues - or if I have gone mad playing "Overlord" much too long!!! :disagree:

    Anyway, thanks for your help! You guys rock! (if something is wrong I'm sure you'll get it fixed).

    I have a Creative ZEn W and will try how the rip goes for that as well...
  7. XRipper

    XRipper Member

    Nice reply! Thanks so much for your opinion... Much appreciated!
  8. Dex66

    Dex66 Member

    OK, done some more testing with PAL dvds, no sync problems at all. Done more NTSC tests and sync problem still exists and I've also noticed the audio glitches quite a lot
  9. Peer

    Peer Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    When saying all went fine with v1.1.4.1, then I'd like to guess that it still does with the profiles in that were already available with ;)

    I sort of have trouble imagining, how the old profiles should suddenly no longer work even though they haven't been touched.
    But I can believe, that there is some trouble with the new PSP ones, that is a completely different transcoding method compared to all other profiles.

    While we're working on this, you might want to try to append the following to the "mopts" entry in the devices.ini file for the PSP profile you're using:

    -delay 2.4

    2.4 is just an example - this means that the video will be delayed 2.4 seconds.
    Try if you can find a value that brings your video to sync. (find the correct mopts-line, add a space to the end and the -delay option)

    Let me know your results, thanks :)
  10. Peer

    Peer Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Thanks alot, that is some good information.
  11. Peer

    Peer Redfox Development Team Staff Member


    Ok, then, please all of you who are having trouble with A/V sync and the "high resolution" PSP / PS3 formats:

    Download CloneDVD mobile version beta here

    Let me know, if it's the cure.
  12. XRipper

    XRipper Member

    Thanks PEER, will do. I will let you know how I make out. :agree:
  13. XRipper

    XRipper Member

    :bowdown:Glory to PEER, you did it! The new Beta worked great! The Audio / SYNC issue has been resolved with the "Sony PSP 480x272 (AVC/H264)" Just to be sure, I first tested, (with The Time Machine, "New Version" @ 785 KBps / 2 Pass / Deinterlaced) the and it still had the sync delay... I upgraded to Beta then ran the same Rip again and it was perfectly in sync and looked great on My PSP at 480x272.

    Nice job PEER - great repsonse!

    I will do some further testing, but I feel confident you fixed the issue... :clap:
  14. Peer

    Peer Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Ok, thanks very much for helping - it'll be a release in a few days, the translations need a little updating anyway.
  15. sislatsirep

    sislatsirep New Member

    Had encoded a video with using PS3 16x9 profile, then tried again with after seeing the post. Audio was out of sync several seconds using, but appears good after using

  16. gothchild

    gothchild Active Member


    I just spent several hours trying diffrent ways to get the new update to work but i keep getting unsuported file even with the avc >2.6. the psp is running 3.52 and i can't put a single movie on.
  17. Peer

    Peer Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    If you convert with one of the new profiles for resolutions 480x272 / 720/480, you need to put the files in the \VIDEO folder (not in MP_ROOT...). Did you do that?
    Whereas the "classic" profiles (>2.6) still must go into \MP_ROOT\...

    I'm not sure, why the PSP does that distinction - it's pretty annoying, but that's Sony's way of making customers happy...
  18. gothchild

    gothchild Active Member

    hey thanks for writting back i like slysoft forums for that, never seen it done anywhere else.