Clonedvd malfunction: unable to remove empty audio tracks

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by jzeimet, Aug 19, 2007.

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    I am using clonedvd to copy our DVD's to a inhouse media server (infrant/twonky) for easy access without handling disks.

    As media client a Linksys DSM 520 is used. This device (like many others) don't support *.VOB menue functions but can stream the video. This means there is no way to select subtitel or audio streams, only audio stream #1 is used for playback.

    CloneDVD is configured to copy the german AC3 audio stream, all other languages and formats are deselected. In general, this works fine but there are several DVD's (e.g. Stirb langsam - jetzt erst recht) I run into a problem.

    Clonedvd creates multiple audio streams, stream #1 (and #2) are empty and stream #3 contains the desired audio.

    This can be easily reproduced in a PC environment: Just open the *.VOB files with PowerDVD and make a right mouseclick. In the Audio Selection you will see stream 1+2 greyed out (or empty), only stream 3 is usable.

    To make it worse, the ranking is mixed within the *VOB's, so playing starts fine but audio stops in the middle of the film.

    How can I get rid of these empty streams? Any way to get this fixed inside CloneDVD to avoid double processing?

    Help is apreciated
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  2. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    This is no bug, this behaviour is by design, to keep the created files as similar to the source material as possible.
  3. jzeimet

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    Hey James,

    so it's not a bug but a feature:agree:. One last question: How can I circumnavigate this feature to use CloneDVD with my mediaplayer?

    I saw several posts in this forum concerning audio problems, my guess is that most of them are caused by this 'feature'.

    Any helpful ideas available?
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