Clonedvd in vista not responding

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by kpbauer, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. kpbauer

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    Hi I have clonedvd running on Vista premium home, all was well and could copy dvds fine, then in the last 48 hrs, clonedvd starts, runs in the task bar but will not maximise out of the tool bar, taskmgr reports clonedvd is working fine, but when I try to preview the app with the new vista rollover function it appears black, have tried uninstall reboot reinstall but no joy..any ideas?
  2. opentoe

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    It does seem there could be a possible issue with CloneDVD and Vista. I've read on here and many other forum sites online with similar issues that never happened with XP. Is CloneDVD fully supported with Vista to begin with? I have to find an alternative if there is not.

    Why I "think" it may be CloneDVD. Because when I rip from a retail store purchased DVD it works fine. Aren't those retail store bought DVD's similar or the same as DL's?

    Well, it's coaster time for now...see what happens. I know the movie "Silent Hill" bombed on both my DVD writers. I can copy those files to my XP box, install the DVD drives on that machine and see what happens. If it does work, it's unfortunate for lots of people that are having problems.