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Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by KoRn, Jul 29, 2007.

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    Bei SlySoft hat man anscheinend noch inx davon gemerkt!?
    Was ein Glück das ich Elby noch immer in meinen Favoriten habe.
    Hin und wieder lohnt es sich da vorbeizuschauen
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    I've only got a Region1 keyboard to type on :D ... but I agree! ... I think. Go Slysoft! Go Elby! Go Olli! Go James!

    BTW, where (in development) is our "new, and easier to use" splitting interface which might also include my suggestion of adding a little "Please Insert Disk 2" message-screen-SS/Elby logo at the end of split disk1 ? I feel that the market "share" for compression of DL originals to SL media is (albeit slowly) dropping with the cheap prices available on good quality SL media (for splitting) and DL media ... why loose 100% quality to save a few cents(?). ... so I feel that upgrading the splitting features and interface of CloneDVD would be beneficial & welcome to many of us. ... CloneCD is still my perfect, #1 choice for backing up my favorite DL movies to DL media.

    Thank you Elby & Olli, Thank you James,
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    Sorry, I in the wrong section wrote and also in addition in the wrong language. Please assign to me. By the way. I thought Olli work already some years no longer for Elby? Or works he now for Slysoft. I hope we talk over the same Olli, otherwise forget the last sentence.
    Assign to me my bad English. School is already 20 years ago
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    Oh, man ich glaube es nicht. Du bist schon der Dritte Deutsche heute der versehentlich im englischen Bereich deutsch schreibt.:eek:

    Oh dude, I can't believe. You are already the third german today, who wrote accidently german in the english section.

    I have a R2 keyboard.:D

    I was too slow. I think Olli is still workign at Elby, but he just stopped posting in public forums.
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    Actually this was released 4 days ago.:confused:
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    Could s.o. please explain to me what a gpl is?
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    Date of the changelog will probably not match with the date of the release.
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    Thanks. I changed it to gpl.
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    Clone Dvd 2910 error's

    yes when i updated to the new versino of clonedvd 2910

    all my dvd's i trying to copy, i get error codes
    i am attaching zip file with the text error log

    this is only 1
    i have had 5 or more now that get only to 1% an spit out similiar error messages. i have the lastest anydvd 6167

    but i think its clone dvd thats giving the problem not anydvd

    i never had this many errors before not till i downloaded the 2910 version
    whats up?

    i have to convert over using roxio 9 dvd copy

    please fix the problem with this new version please!!!



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    New version released

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    Hi Charlie, you are everywhere anyway's DVDClone2 is working fine on my Vista and Xp System with ANYDVD, does this make sence, unable to use any other software on my sytem, yet Clone just worked fine and playing on My Tosh A1, no hichups, etc.

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