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Discussion in 'Virtual CloneDrive' started by Tanquen, Sep 2, 2021.

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    Doesn't look like a vcd problem. The H drive icon looks like that of a HDD but it is too small to be sure. Any chance you could post a bigger image of the drive entry?

    That said there is a real quick way to know if H is a VCD drive. Right click the VCD icon, check if there is a drive enabled and if so hover with the mouse over the entry, it should show you the drive letter. Pro tip: tick the box that says 'virtual sheep', it'll turn the emulated drive icon into a VCD icon to clearly distinguish itself from real physical ones.

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  3. Tanquen

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    VCD was uninstalled and the H drive is still there. Someone in that thread thought VCD may have caused their issue but I was given access to the PC with the issues and noticed that VCD was installed.

    I was just hoping someone here had seen the issue. At this point it looks like we will have to reinstall Windows. We must have that H drive for a virtual drive mount.


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  4. coopervid

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    And the problem is? A drive letter you know it is not working?
  5. Tanquen

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    A Drive letter for a drive that doesn't exist. Not there if you use the Net Use command and not there in Disk Management. There was only ever a C drive.
  6. coopervid

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    You need to reboot. Gone.
  7. Tanquen

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    Many reboots and regedits and it is still there.
  8. Tanquen

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    Something is holding onto the drive letter but it's not Net Use list and it's not in Disk Management. There is only the one real C drive no CD-ROM or anything. ???
  9. coopervid

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    I just did that and it was gone. Have you tried CCleaner and tried to go through safe mode before?
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    The H drive was found here:
    Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\DOS Devices

    Once the key was removed it was no longer listed and I can mount a working network drive with Net Use.