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    how do you copy to file & burn CD+G (karaoke) discs with Clonecd?? I can burn CDs, VCDs, DATA CDs but I cannot work out which Icon you click on and what changes you may need to make ( like sub channel on ) is it Audio CD , Multimedia CD, Data CD, GameCD, or Protected Game CD ?? and how do it go in and edit to make it work. As you can see I am very new at this, thanks in advance. Doug5369 ::confused:
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    ok so its Multimedia icon you click on and use but do you tick "on" the sub channel write??? in Edit on icon ?? as I understand the CDG discs have sub channel (lyrics)?? Someone else told me to use the Icon " AudioCD" with sub channel on but it did not work. Thank you for your fast reply. doug5369.
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    for CD+G discs do you edit Icon "Multimedia" and click on the sub channels ?? ( for the lyrics to come on screen ) I tried AudioCD for CDG discs and put the sub channel on but it did not write the lyrics, only the first song came on(with picture"lyrics") and the rest was just music ( muffled).
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    Do not create multiple threads about the exact same issue please.

    Just use the multimedia profile. You don't need to edit anything.