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    Dear friends,

    I have just registered and would like to know more about copying or clone a CD.

    Thanks and with best regards ....
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    Clone CD


    I just read your post. I am also new to copying dvd's & cd's although the latter is fairly simple and straightforward if WinXP is the operating system on your computer.

    If you have downloaded the trial version of Clone CD will you notice that it has a help menu that guides you through a step by step process of the various usages of the software. The trial version is a full feature version so you can test the software thoroughly before making a purchase (which is what I did).

    I would also suggest your just making time to read the posts in the forum. They are helpfully divided into sections such as AnyDVD, Clone CD, etc.. I have found that even reading posts that have nothing to do with a present issue that I might have is very helpful; it adds to my understanding and gives me more confidence.