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  1. stevemularkey

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    how do you set source and destination to copy on the fly
  2. pseudo555

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    Clic on disc copy option (third button from the left).
    Selection a source device, click next
    selection a profile, click next
    checkthe last box (on the fly option), click next
    selection the burner device (Source must be different from the destination device) and click next.

    But i don't recommend to use on the fly option : too much "problems", and too bad quality in general.
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  3. stevemularkey

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    thankyou very much:agree:
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    A self-eplanatory title helps

    Just a suggestion in case You post again in the future: Consider using a title a bit more descriptive. If it's a short question - such as Yours - You could even have copied it to the title.

    A self-eplanatory title helps people to decide whether they can contribute to the problem or learn something from the answers given. Giving a post in the CloneCD forum the title "CloneCD" is about as helpful as googling for "computer" if You have a computer problem... ;)
    This is not meant as an insult but a serious piece of advice. Please do not take that personally.