CloneCD Vs Original DVD movie

Discussion in 'CloneCD' started by zapper, Dec 13, 2007.

  1. zapper

    zapper Well-Known Member

    Is it safe to say that clone Cd makes a 100% perfect copy of the original DVD as long of course that you are using a DL DVD disk? Will it be playable on a HD player? :D
  2. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    click and follow the steps (step by step)

    And yes, that is pretty safe to say with respect to movies (except that Anydvd will remove some of the protection).

    It will play on anything that plays dvds.
  3. zapper

    zapper Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reply and link, just wanted to make sure.
  4. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    I use Clonecd with Verbatim +R DL blank media for most of my backups. That is a very lazy, quick, and effective method for making backups.
  5. Will Yaknowme

    Will Yaknowme Well-Known Member


    I just realized that all my bu's on DVD+R DL play on my dvd player, Sony 1998 and on my pc, but will not play on my Toshiba DVD Recorder-2006. Your thoughts?

  6. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    First, if the backup is playing in a standalone dvd player or on your computer that means Clonecd worked.

    The most common reason why you're having this problem (if the backup doesn't work in a standalone dvd player) is due to a compatibility issue between the blank media you're using and whatever you're using to play the backup in (standalone dvd player, for example). Basically your dvd player, dvd-rom drive, etc. doesn't like the blank media you're using (or if you're using +R media, you didn't change the booktype to "dvd-rom"). You can try choosing other blank media (+r instead of -r, for example, and change the booktype to "dvd-rom")--or buy a different standalone dvd player (or a different dvd-rom drive, burner, etc.).

    If you're using dvd-r DL media and your standalone dvd player gives you a message similar to ""Play Prohibited, please check disc", use dvd+r DL media instead and change the booktype to "dvd-rom" (see "b)" below).

    a) Are you using junk blank media? If you're not using Verbatim+R DL blank media with Clonecd, then chances are the answer to this question is "yes".
    b) Click this and read FULLY (especially take a look at point 4 for more information on bitsetting/booktyping, but all points are very important)

    The same factors also apply to why the backup doesn't play in your computer (but there can be other factors including buggy or poorly installed dvd player software, bad drivers, etc.).

    It's also possible the playback device/player that can't play the disc is slowly dying.
  7. Will Yaknowme

    Will Yaknowme Well-Known Member


    I forgot that I have to check and make sure that I set the booktype to DVD-ROM. I did this in IMGBURN the first time I used Verbatim +RDL and forgot that I have to make sure it is always set to DVD-ROM. Once I learned my lesson, I was able to backup my copy of Bourne Ultimatum. Thanks for your help.

  8. zapper

    zapper Well-Known Member

    In reality, the original DVD would be more playable then a copy? due to the manufacturing Dye and or writting on the dvd would be deeper burned on the Disk, or is this false???

    Trying to get a feeling of the Clone Cd and the DL disk.
  9. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    The reflective layer used in the disc would play a factor in determining that question. I would probably lean towards the original dvd being more "playable", but that's a bit tricky to determine in some cases.
  10. zapper

    zapper Well-Known Member

    As the old saying goes, their is nothing better then the original, but perhaps clone might be the best next thing?8)