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CloneCD total failure


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Feb 24, 2007
I purchased my CloneCD back in December of 06 and as of to date it still doesn't open to work. If I click on my CloneCD Icon it comes up but nothing works from that point. All of my Desk Top Icons freeze up too and the only way I can do anything is to manually shut it all down at my tower. John Smith (Support) has failed to even answer my many emails and when he does get around to an answer its something I have tried before.. like uninstall and reinstall. I've done that several times. He told me to go to Help and open Info to see if my name is there but Info isn't highlited so it can't open. He said to give him snap shots of my Task Manager and Add/Remove from my control panel but he has never given me a reply as to what to do next and that was January 28. In fact the last reply from him was the instructions to do the snap shots on January 27, 06. I even sent John Smth a nice email saying he is either over bordened or he thinks I'm pulling his leg. So I made him this offer. I don't have a computer store near me but there are 4 towns within 35 miles of me which do have stores. He can pick a town..pick a store and I'll have them check it out and email him from their store as to the problems I have stated. I did feel Slysoft should pay for this if its done. So far no reply to that either and that was over a month ago. I have asked to talk to someone else or give me a phone number so I can talk in person...still no reply to that either. All in all I wait up to 11 days at a time just for one reply and it never covers what I've asked about or what to do. I DO NOT WANT MY MONEY BACK I WANT THE PRODUCT TO WORK... HELP
CloneCD-Why No Support Team

Why is it Slysoft has no support team for CloneCD. I have tried for more than 3 months to have them tell me why it won't work. All it does is freeze up my entire desktop and it never opens. After reading other notes here I find others are having problems trying to get a reply to their questions. So here is what I've been told to do. Uninstall and reinstall. I've done that several times and nothing. I've asked is the Key good but no reply. I've asked if I should take it to a computer store and have them check it out with Slysoft paying the charge... still no reply. I've been told to do snap shots of my Task Manager and Control Panel Add/Remove but no reply to that also. Also was asked to open Help and check Info to see if my name was listed in there. The problem is Info isn't highlited so it won't open. That tells me its a Key problem or not downloaded fully. So does anyone know of slysoft's address or phone number located in the United States. I think its time for legal action..I paid for this and expect it to work. Thanks for any help..... You may email me directly at .. oct_01_66@yahoo.com To date I've sent 36 emails asking for help and have received 6 reply's none of which have addressed my problem.

These are hard to try and figure out not looking at your computer, but.....

First off, what is your OS? How much free space on your HDD? Ram? What Antivirus or Spyware do you have running? What other programs do you have that are of a similar nature (Roxio, Nero, etc)?

How did you uninstall? Did you use the CloneCD uninstall, Control Panel or just delete the folders? Did you make any registry changes?

This is a start.
1. Use CloneCD beta
2. Use Microsoft IDE drivers
did you have any problems with the trial version of clonecd before you bought it (the key)?