CloneCD saying my Pioneer 111L is not compatible?

Discussion in 'CloneCD' started by Xenthor, Jul 4, 2007.

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    Hey guys, so recently I re-installed WinXP because I got a new much bigger HDD. My problem though is that after I installed CloneCD on this clean installed XP I had a caution symbol and right next to it, it read this. "W 6:59:29 PM CD-Writer PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-111L is not compatible with CloneCD!"

    The odd thing is that before I had re-installed Windows XP, I don't recall ever seeing that message. Anyways, here is two logs, an old one prior to the new clean WinXP install and then the one after I reformatted and installed a fresh copy of WinXP.

    Old Log:


    New Log:

    I did try rolling back to an older CloneCD install, but still same problem. It says "DVR-111L is not compatible with CloneCD!"

    What could it be? Could this affect anything if I tried burning something with it? I'm more fond of this program than IMGBurn though, hence why It kinda concerned me.

    Any help is great appreciated, thanks!
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    Nevermind, fixed it! I forgot to check my ASPI. Thanks though :D