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Clonecd on Splinter cell Double agent


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Jul 20, 2007
I tried to clone my DVD-ROM PC version of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent.

It didnt work, giving me an error of corrupted disk something something. So I deleted it and tried to just play off the disk(i tried to clone it for the convenience of not using the cd) and now my computer doesnt recognize the Splinter cell disk at all and just freezes everytime I try to access it. I am looking for your help in how to erase that history or something so that I can just play the game from the disc. So basically how can i make it so that my computer recognizes the disc again.

Greatly appreciated.
before you tried to copy the disc,when did you last play the game on your pc?
if clonecd cant copy the disc,then maybe the disc has been damaged in some way.
can you try the splinter cell disc on another pc?
check the protection if you can (scan install directory with protectionid)
im some countries the game was securom protected, in others it was starforce... if its starforce, forget about clonecd, actually, if its securom forget about clonecd as well, your only possibility (if its starforce) is making an image with alcohol (mds/mdf format with rmps on)..........
thanks for trying. I did put it into my laptop and the cd was instantly recognized.. installed and plays. But i know it has something to do with my clonecd on my desktop... i was just curious if there's a way to erase the memory of me trying to clone it.