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Discussion in 'CloneCD' started by mike_9000, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. mike_9000

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    Was wondering if any word has been said about developing a version of CloneCD that would copy Blu-Ray and HD DVD discs. I am not talking about compression of anything of that matter but only of a version that would have the ability to burn Blu-Ray and HD DVD ISO's to discs. Thanks!:agree:
  2. RedFox 1

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    It has been talked but nothing really has been verified yet. I am sure it will happen, but when? I have no idea.:disagree: There also has to be HD-DVD media, and I have not seen any of that much either.
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  3. mike_9000

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    I understand but was curious on an expected date, thats all. I have seen hd dvd media actually starting to come in at my local electronics store, and as you know there is plenty of blu-ray discs and recorders out. Anyways thats all I wanted to know was an expected release date cause all this media is starting to pick up :).
  4. TM2-Megatron

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    I've seen HD-DVD media as well, but it seems to be in a pretty pathetic state; and I have yet to see a single burner.
  5. mike_9000

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    Oh, I agree HD DVD is really failing in the computer market and this might be the death of the format however Blu-ray is alive and well and it would be nice if CloneCD had the ability to write these images to discs like BD-R or BD-RE etc.