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CloneCd doesn't Work with my Lite-on


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Aug 20, 2007
I have Lite-on dvdrw shw-16h5s and CloneCd is not compatybile with it.
What should i do to use CloneCd?
I tried to instal the lastest version of clonecd.
Can you please explain a bit better about what you mean? Incompatible as in your drive is not being recognised in CloneCD?
It is screen showing my problem.
And i can't copy any cd's and burn any images on it.
Ps.Sorry for my english

First if all please update to version and see if there is a problem still.

Did you restart your PC after installing CloneCD? If it's really incompatible then there is nothing we can do. James or peer would have to step in and explain it a bit better :)
Yes i restarted.
I updated to and I still have got this problem.
I think that i should change my lite-on