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    It says to uncheck the box for winaspi32 compatibility mode what does that mean?? Isn't a computer running windows 32 bit just that? So should I be unchecking that box?? Could someone please explain this function in more detail, thank you,

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    winaspi32 is just an interface to cd/dvd drives.. os'es from windows 2k or higher don't require winaspi32.. as the spti interface is available (and much easier to use)... a computer running windows 32 bit is a computer running windows 32 bit.. on older systems like windows 9x/me, you had to install an aspi layer (typically from adaptec) to give your cd/dvd burner 'functionality' as a burner, as well as also giving a low level interface to them for programs to use.. thats all...

    "Description : winaspi32.dll is the ASPI driver, used to control CD-ROM drives, CD/DVD writers, and tape drives and is often required by CD writing, ripping, and backup software."

    hope that clears things up for you....
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    Sorry but so do I leave the box checked (Default)?? or should I uncheck the box??
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    Nevermind that means leave the box checked I understand now because xp is not winaspi32 compatibility mode