CloneCD incorrectly identifies CDRW media

Discussion in 'CloneCD' started by grepwood, Dec 20, 2020.

  1. grepwood

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    I wanted to burn a CDRW disc but CloneCD identified it as a DVD disc instead. This is quite disastrous, because I need to burn it as slow as possible. It's meant to be used with a PSX SCPH-7002.


    Attached is a screenshot of this behavioral infraction. Dead give-away? Write speed. CDs have a write speed as a multiple of 176 kB/s. DVDs have the factor of 1350 kB/s.

    The image is definitely an ISO-9660 filesystem. Funny enough, CD erasing correctly recognizes the media type.


    Can this be fixed, please? I'm able to override this by mounting the image and doing an on-the-fly copy from the virtual drive.
  2. grepwood

    grepwood New Member

    It's also worth noting that CloneCD completely ignored my new profile that states the CD must be burned at 1x. PSX doesn't like it when CDs are burned too quick.

  3. tectpro

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    This is not an CloneCD issue with the CD-RW media but an problem with the image file that you want to burn.
    The image file reports that its a DVD image.
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  4. grepwood

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    Doesn't look like an issue with the image. CloneCD recognizes it as a CD correctly.


    And so does a different program.

  5. tectpro

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    What happens if you load the same image into Virtual CloneDrive?
  6. James

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    Burning iso images with CloneCD is only a kludge. It treats iso images as DVDs, as they don't contain "CD specific" information, as you have figured, and writes them in "Track At Once" mode. Not using CloneCD's "magic". The burnt disc will work, though, even when burnt to a CD-RW.

    Mounting the image in Virtual CloneDrive and copy 1:1 with ClooneCD should give you better results.