CloneBD UHD to Blu-Ray Crash?

Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by DJHallo, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. DJHallo

    DJHallo Well-Known Member

    CloneBD UHD to Blu-Ray Crash?
    Everthing looks okay but after 5 Minutes or so it keeps crashing.

    UHD to MKV:
    [ERROR ] [0x0000000069feff40] transcoder stop error: 0x80004005
    [ERROR ] [0x0000000069feff40] last reported error: 'transcoder error 0x80004005' (6)
    Error in processStreams
  2. Pete

    Pete Forum Admin Staff Member

    Please post a CloneBD log file.
  3. MK-Slinky

    MK-Slinky Well-Known Member

    Having had the same issue with CloneBD crashing when changing media, to my knowledge it's not possible to create a log file when the program becomes unresponsive unless I'm missing something?
  4. Pete

    Pete Forum Admin Staff Member

    Generally you can always open the Debug Window through the settings panel prior to processing. Then you can still at least see the log messages, even if it hangs.
    But your problem is not at all related to this one, your system disc change notifications are not working right for some reason, CloneBD is merely a victim of that circumstance.
  5. MK-Slinky

    MK-Slinky Well-Known Member

    That's useful to know, thanks Pete (y)

    No my problem might not be the same but I was merely commenting that I wasn't aware of being able to launch the debug log prior to reaching that final 'burn successful' screen.

    Re my disc change notifications not working correctly you're absolutely right, I see one or two others have mentioned the same issue which seems to be related to AnyDVD, with AnyDVD disabled the problem does not exist!
  6. DJHallo

    DJHallo Well-Known Member

    I have noticed that the problem occurs with the Movie Harry Potter and it has the same error like: please use these log files instead.

    I tryed GoodFellas and it has no problem what so ever what I do notice is that GoodFellas has:
    BDMV - CERTIFICATE - UHD! Folders.
    And Harry Potter has:
    BDMV - CERTIFICATE Folder it's missing UHD! Folder so maybe that has something to do with the problem.

    Update: Goodfellas - Keeps freezing on 78%, no error though counter is still counting. But does nothing after that. 7 Hours has been passed.
    Title 33 - Tijd Index 01:53:38.
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