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    Can someone please tell me what setting I have to check or uncheck in order to be able to skip past the warnings and stuff on my Blu-Rays please? I dont want to do just the main movie, I wan't the whole disk. Thanks
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    That setting is active by default (disable UOP prevention). It just doesn't work always, more specifically if the titles don't have a 'next chapter' or 'end title' flag. Nothing AnyDVD or CloneBD can do about that, that's the way he discs were authored. If you want to skip them completely, just do what I do.

    - partial copy in CloneBD
    - tick the box on the left to reactivate all the titles (and not just the main one)
    - scroll down the list and remove the trailers entirely. If they ain't present, there's nothing to skip with your remote either.
    - on the last screen before you hit 'begin conversion', I also enable the one to keep the original menu

    And voila, full disc backup minus the trailers entirely. CloneBD 'removes' them by replacing the video I think with 1 second or 1 frame of black screen in order to keep the file structure intact. Then when the player calls the playlist for the trailer, it'll just play that 1second / 1 frame clip and move on to the next one, rinse & repeat until the menu is automatically loaded mere seconds later.

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  3. Pete

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    CloneBD adds chapters to all playlists that have none at the end.
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    Pretty sure I've done discs processed with clbd where it's still impossible to skip trailers/anti-piracy messages. I've got a few discs awaiting backup. I'll see if I can't find one that exhibits the problem where that doesn't work.

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