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    Hey, I just got CloneBD and all I want to do is (I also have Anydvd-hd and CloneDVD) Rip a BD, to make a MP4 file, so I can add it to my media player on my smart LG TV. I have no problems with DVDs but the CloneBD seems to rip the BD to a file called BDMV and there are other files inside that. I'm confused
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    Bdmv is a folder not a file. That folder contains the entire bd structure. If you want an mp4 you need to pick the option 'partial copy' and select the button for mobile device.

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    Looking for recommended settings that work

    I'm trying out the trial of CloneBD. I'll buy it in a heartbeat if it can take the hassle out of compressing some of my bloated BD ISOs. Some of them just don't need to be stored as pure ISOs (thinking kids shows, etc) and are eating up HD space. My first attempt was using the partial copy to MKV, removing extra content, etc. That ended up in a pixelated mess unfortunately when played back on TMT and VLC. We've all seen high quality MKVs and the like from BD and all I want to do is make a more compressed, but still "decent quality" file. I'd love to know what people have tried and been happy with so far?
    I was hoping CloneDB was going to streamline the process?

    thanks for any suggestions on settings, etc.
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    VERY new to the whole BD process

    Ive had Sly's other product's for quite sometime with ease of use. Ive already purchased the lifetime updates because of the outstanding quality of their other products I very much want to figure this out. I'm certainly not near as computer saavy as many others on these threads as the other ANYDVD HD and CLONEDVD has made it extremely easy for me up until attempting CloneBD. I'm very patient. The CloneDVD removed all traces of the movies I've ever done before so I had never had to go back in and select specific files or folders or ISO's. My first attempt said it was successful but my blue ray disc was blank. I chose the full movie and the 25gb disc. Its frustrating but I'm very happy to see all the others helping out in other great ways !! Keep up all the outstanding work you all do for Sly. Ive very much enjoyed your other products and can't wait till I can figure out this whole Blue Ray steps. I don't think my HLDT-ST-DVDRWBD GBC-H20N is recognizing the Memorex BD-R I stick in the DVD drive. ANY suggestions other than Memorex being a low quality product. Think I may need to purchase a newer blue ray burner?
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