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Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by Anthony1uk, Jan 21, 2019.

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    I was not sure if this should go in the features section or the regular section. I am presuming you can already do this I am just overlooking so I asked here.

    I am currently trialling CloneBD. On the basis of wanting to remux UHD Blu-Rays to play on my Sony X800 player via DLNA.

    Two things

    1. Is there a way to output as a single M2TS file. And not a full UHD folder structure. I can see output as MKV and MP4 but not M2TS. The reason this is important is my player will not play Hidef audio inside a MKV/MP4 container from DLNA. It needs to be M2TS to get hidef audio to play via DLNA.

    2. Is there a way to select to cut by timecodes the output M2TS film? By this I mean on TSmuxer and MKVToolNX you can select it to say you want the output M2TS to start from 00:01:36 in and end at 02:03:52 and by this what you are doing is cutting the start and end credits off. I can see you can cut by chapter. But that is not what I am after.

    It is just on a 40GB UHD, removing the start and end credits you can save about 5GB. And that is a massive saving when I always skip past them anyway.

    Are these two features possible? If they are I will buy the software. If they are not, could you consider offering them as they seem pretty standard features.
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    1. No, CloneBD only outputs to MKV/MP4. DLNA is very limited in supported file formats back in DVD days it only supported .mpg. I would recommend to look into something like PLEX for your PC and stream to a chromecast (That's exactly what i'm doing). It's not limited by the M2TS file extension, supports HD audio and can be controlled via an app on your smartphone/tablet to tell your pc what you wish to play on your TV.

    2. You're not limited to cut by chapter. Click on the triangle icon top of a stream on the title selection screen. You're now entering the preview player. On the video strip there should be a small greyish dot in the bottom left corner of the timeline. Move that one to where you want the title to begin, then under the timeline there's a "cut" section. Click the left one to set the begin point. Then move that grey dot to your endpoint and click the other button. All done
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