CloneBD does not recognize my blanks

Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by Old Bear, Dec 18, 2014.

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    I've done everything I can to verify my hardware is okay. This is a new laptop with Windows 8.1 with an external Asus Blu-ray burner. I use it regularly to burn DVDs, and I have used it once to burn a Blu-Ray dual layer with another program. My problem is that when I put a new blank Blu-ray disc in, all I get is a couple of quick flickers on the Blu-ray icon, and it stays on "Empty." I obviously can't burn a disc if ConeBD insists that there isn't a disc in the burner. As I cannot find any place to test or adjust settings, I really don't know what to try.
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    The problem is not CloneBD. Your drive has to detect the blank and give a signal 'blank inside, ready to burn' so it's simply not detecting your blanks. Well the first question would be, what brand of blanks are you using.

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  3. Old Bear

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    Optical Quantum BD-R DL 1X-6X. If I had not successfully used this same stack to make a dual-layer burn with a different program, that would have been my first guess as well. With a fresh burn sitting beside me however, that wasn't my first guess. What are the recommended single layer and dual layer brands?
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    Optical is at best a B grade quality. The best are verbatim or tayo yuden

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    Optical Quantum 50GB DL discs are pretty bottom rung. I've had had many failures on many drives with that brand. I got completely away from them, and now order Verbatim Japanes media off eBay for the 50GB discs. You pay more, but it is so worth it for a disc that WILL burn and last. Even the Optical Quantum 50 GB discs that I was able to burn degraded so bad within a nine month span, I had to toss them and reburn to Verbatim media.
  6. kzar

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    Mine does the same, "Empty".

    It seems to say "empty" but it doesn't mean anything. I just ignored it and everything worked. Maybe empty means "no data on disc" or something. I use Memorex 25G and they work great!
  7. Ch3vr0n

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    And what exactly is "it". CloneBD does not have a display where it shows the status of the inserted disc.
    Anydvd however does. The full message is "Unknown disc type. (Empty?)" which means exactly what it sais. It can't determine the disc type (cd, dvd, blu-ray, data disc, ...) because there is no content on the disc aka empty, or the disc has degraded so much it can't be read.

    That luck will run out eventually, Memorex is C grade usually, B at the best.
  8. kzar

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    It says it in CloneBD when you have selected the source (Drive), under phase B "Device" It will say Drive E: Writable Blu-ray disc BD-R <Empty>.

    Also says what you said in AnydvdHd - "Unknown disc type. (Empty?)" I get these two messages when I insert a blank. Everything still works though and writes to the blank. This happens only when I copy from ripped files, not disc to disc.