CloneBD Complete Copy ISO 1:1 and PowerDVD 19

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  1. Hello everyone
    When I make a full copy from a Blu-ray UHD movie folder to a full ISO 1:1 copy. And after clonebd software confirms to me that this process was done without any problems. I am trying to play the movie successfully with powerdvd 19 software. i use virtual clonedrive to amount the iso movie and then trying to play the movie.

    Without success. Sometimes a black screen appears. And sometimes I get a window in powerdvd that the software can't run this iso file type.

    On the other hand. i copy a movie folder through imgburn to iso file and then powerdvd 19 software runs without any problems.
    I send a screenshot of the log and also the powerdvd alert window writes to me

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  2. any help please
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    PowerDVD 19 won't play UHD's unless you have met all the hardware requirements. I had tried the same thing and returned PDVD for that reason. I just make an .mkv or .mp4 of the movie and play with just about any software.
  4. this is not the problem. if i burn the folder with imgburn powerdvd play the movie successfully . but with clonebd powerdvd cant play it. something wrong with clonebd. or do something wrong