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  1. abbeydog1

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    Running AnyDVD HD and have checked boxes - Prevent player from detecting Cinavia and Remove Cinavia from CloneBD audio stream during copy. Audio and Video are fine - but, cannot remove watermark from Bluray MP4 copy?
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    You're in the DVD section, so first things first. Are you using a DVD or Blu-ray disc? Just having the AnyDVD settings active alone is not enough. You also need to downscale the HD audio

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  3. abbeydog1

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  4. abbeydog1

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    Blu-ray disc. Sorry, not sure where to downscale HD audio - AnyDVD HD or CloneBD? Any help appreciated.
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    No luck yet. In CloneBD settings are: Codec @ Dolby Digital AC3 / Audio chnl @ Surround (5.1) 128kbps / Default @ English AC3 5.1, 448kbps. Still has watermark on MP3 copy?
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    Then you'll need to provide an anydvd and CloneBD logfile

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    Make sure that AnyDVD is running in the chain of processing with CloneBD to remove Cinavia. Either process from the original disc ->AnyDVD -> CloneBD or from an ISO loading with Virtual CloneDrive -> AnyDVD -> CloneBD. It will not work if you process from folders formerly ripped with AnyDVD. Or also not if you load a folder or an ISO directly with CloneBD.
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