CloneBD causes audio stutter when making a MKV-file (lossless audio)

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    I've encountered an error when using CloneBD to make a lossless (original streams) .mkv file. At some point in during the video the audio starts stuttering until you only hear "skips" and "blips". The following BDs I've tried making an MKV out of is Bambi and Rambo 4 (the original BD-cut) and its happening with both. The stuttering seems to start randomly from .mkv rip to .mkv rip for some reason. On Bambi it can occur during the first 5 or 20 minutes while on Rambi it occurred over an hour into the movie. Neither of the BDs contain one single .m2ts file for the movie, but are split into several .m2ts files. Another difference between the two movies is Bambi's sound disappear completely after some time while Rambo keeps the audio "skips" and "blips" for the reminder of the video

    I only use Anydvd to remove the encryption and CloneBD to read from the BD. It is worth mentioning that using CloneBD to make a copy of the disc structure and then proceeding using Handbrake (lossless audio) does not cause any audio stuttering. However using CloneBD to read the same BD-copy from my hard drive to make a .mkv copy result in the same problem.

    I've uploaded the CloneBD log from both Bambi and Rambo 4. I can also upload a small clip to youtube displaying the audio issue if needed.

    Edit: Using Handbrake to make a .mkv file with lossless audio does not cause the audio to stutter, regardless of "ripping" straight from the disc or using CloneBD's structure copy on a hard drive.
    Edit2: Using CloneBD on Inglorious Basterds does not cause the same problem. The movie is contained inside a single .m2ts-file, so I figure the problem lies within how CloneBD handle multiple .m2ts files.

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    The Bambi BD has a lot of tiny clips put together and I see some warnings in the log that audio is not continuous. This certainly explains the stuttering effect.

    We will look into this.
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    Thanks for the response.
    Here are some sound examples in case you do not have the BDs in question.

    Bambi clip:
    The audio is a lossy Norwegian clip, but the same happens with the original lossless track too.

    Rambo 4:
    The clip is 1minute long and triggered copyright so there might be an add before the clip starts.
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    Could you provide me with the product code ID of your blu-ray disc so I can order the identical one? It's the number below the barcode on the back cover.
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    Lol Fabian what a description to ask for the EAN/UPC number below the barcode :)

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    Bambi (Scandinavian release): 8 717418 440190
    Rambo 4 (UK release from 5 050629 160611

    Not sure if you can order a Scandinavian version if you live outside of Scandniava (I.e. shops might be more strict about where they can send stuff to). I could probably act as an intermediary (?) if you can't find a way that's less of hassle.
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    Bumping this as the new update has made it worse. Making a .mkv-file from the same Blu-ray copy results in the following:
    • VLC plays the "intro" which is the Disney logo. VLC shows the movie length and correct total time, but the "time indicator" rushes from start to finish. The indicator is at the end when the Disney logo has finished being displayed. The video is now "finished".
    • To circumvent this I can pick any random time in the movie and it will from then on play the video as normal.
    • I say play the "video" as normal, but the sound is gone. VLC shows it got both the original English sound track as well as the Norwegian one.

    Note: I haven't tried any CloneBD versions between when I posted this thread and today (

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