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Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by njweb, Jul 19, 2021.

  1. njweb

    njweb Well-Known Member

    I have been using CloneBD Beta for a while and it works well.
    Given that the beta came out 7 months ago, I am just wondering how long it will take for it to become an official release.
    I also guess Elby does not release updates often since the last official release is 14 months old.

    That being said, CloneBD is very user-friendly, very fast (using my nVidia card and CUDA) and has worked very well, in conjunction with DVDFab Passkey (I use Passkey because the AnyDVD software is not compatible with my Blu Ray drives).
  2. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    I'd love to know which drives you're using you claim anyDVD is not compatible with. AnyDVD works with every drive windows recognizes. The only caveat being for UHD it requires UHD-friendly models but then it still works with them.
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  3. njweb

    njweb Well-Known Member

    I have been backing up my UHD BD library. Sorry, I should have been specific in that I meant UHD (forgot about 1080P since I have been doing UHD).
  4. kufo

    kufo Well-Known Member

    If there is a bigger change in future they will release a 1300 final, I think.
    Same with AnyDVD beta release that you can find in the sandbox. Only versions that end with "0" are final. All others are beta versions. This beta versions are only for licensed users and can't be used from trial useres.
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  5. njweb

    njweb Well-Known Member

    Thanks Kufo!

    The beta contains a number of what I would consider to be significant enough enhancements and fixes, so I assumed it would become an official / non-beta release:
    In any case, it is working very well for me, so not a big deal. :)
    • new: support for cropped videos for MP4/MKV output (e.g. cinemascope height reduction)
    • fix: better handling of DolbyVision and HDR10+ color space
    • fix: subtitle rendering for legacy DVD-style subttiles
    • fix: Dolby TrueHD frames across MKV clusters are now correct (improves seeking)
    • fix: PID order of BDs now matches original
    • fix: correct headers for mkv files with DolbyVision tracks
    • fix: software encoded AVC streams better follow profile restrictions
    • fix: software encoded AVC streams have now correct VUI information
    • fix: software encoded HEVC streams have improved bitrate estimation
    • fix: software encoded HEVC streams now conform to profile restrictions
    • fix: software encoded HEVC streams now encode UHD player compatible
    • fix: improved audio/video sync in matroska files
    • fix: decoding of some interlaced VC-1 streams
    • fix: decoding of VC-1 stream for HD-DVD (that got additionally released on BD)
    • fix: lossless transfer of audio samples is now fully lossless
    • fix: audio channel mapping is now consistent with BD standard
    • fix: improved support for even more Japanese AVCHD recorders
    • fix: bad audio sample rate in attribute file that does not fit frame timing
    • fix: subtitle decoding with invalid set fields
    • fix: subtitle decoding with broken format
    • fix: out of memory issues and memory swap load on low end systems
    • improved: better multithread handling on latest Zen3 processors
    • improved: support for more than 128 CPU cores
    • improved: support for newer Dolby Atmos audio streams
    • improved: support for newer DTS-HD audio streams
    • improved: audio conversion between DTS-HD and EAC3 (less phasing issue due to different sample frame sizes)
    • improved: audio conversion between different sample rates and channel layouts
    • a few minor fixes and improvements
    • updated languages
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  6. kufo

    kufo Well-Known Member

    To be Honest...most problems with CloneBD are related to wrong or old graphic drivers.
    If your version is working well, leave it as it is :D
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  7. RedFox 1

    RedFox 1 Super Moderator

    Good advice Kufo. If it's not broken, don't fix it. ;)
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  8. njweb

    njweb Well-Known Member

    Right, I have no plans to do anything - sticking with the beta as noted above. :)
    My question was out of curiosity since I just found it a bit odd that they would keep it designated as a beta for 7 months.
    Some might not look at the change log and realize there are significant benefits to getting this release and stick to prior version.
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  9. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Would be their loss. ;)
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  10. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

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  11. njweb

    njweb Well-Known Member

    :) That is my point: Long time users of CloneBD might know how stable the betas are (or people like myself who post here and find out the beta is rock solid), but the average or newer user may not know that and see the word 'beta' and steer clear given the USUAL connotation of 'beta'.
  12. njweb

    njweb Well-Known Member

  13. coopervid

    coopervid Moderator

    However, there is a bug in that I reported in "Issues and bugs". Never got a reply on it.

    If you want to make a BluRay disc from a UHD CUDA is broken and is super-slow. still works OK for that. Otherwise works like a charm for any other purposes..
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  14. njweb

    njweb Well-Known Member

    Think I saw your post.

    For my use case luckily it works fine and is very fast (depending on disc, using CUDA, it only takes a bit under an hour to 1 hr 20 mins or so to encode it so it is under 50GB):
    I use the UHD disc to folder(s) option in CloneBD and then burn the resulting BDMV and CERTIFICATE folders to a 50 GB BD-R DL using Imgburn.

    Playback is done using my Sony UBP-X800M2 players.
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  15. kufo

    kufo Well-Known Member

    Nearly the same I do (y)
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  16. njweb

    njweb Well-Known Member


    Based on reading another thread, I believe Coopervid's issue may be specific to AMD GPU (per a post of his), if I read it correctly.
    Seems his nVidia and mine both work great / very fast for CUDA.
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  17. Glarioo

    Glarioo Well-Known Member

    Here also slow speed UHD to BD like you described.
    I have also been waiting for an update, that solves this problem, for a long time:

    @ CloneBD development team: is it possible to have a (small) update that solves these two problems?
    Thanks in advance.
  18. kufo

    kufo Well-Known Member

    Do you use an NVIDIA or ASUS card?
    What about your speed for encoding UHD - Is it about 70 fps? Perhaps a screenshot will help.
  19. DQ

    DQ Well-Known Member

    AMD GPU's do work with CloneBD, well mostly. You have to turn off the decode option in settings so it's software. Encode works fine and that is mostly what it's doing. Works for me with my AMD card.
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  20. kufo

    kufo Well-Known Member

    The problem here was actually only related to converting UHD to BD. There seemed to be no problem with normal processes. Can you possibly test that with your card.
    Since I only have NVIDIA cards in all computers, unfortunately I can not contribute anything :(
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