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    Download 64 bit version:

    Download 32 bit version:

    Changelog CloneBD Blu-ray Media Converter 2020-01-18
    • fix: regression bug in licensing check 2020-01-17
    • fix: lossless audio in MKV files when there is no audio at the beginning of a title
    • updated languages 2020-01-13
    • fix: crash in the matroska muxer
    • improved: layout of audio frames when there is an audio gap at the beginning
    • some minor fixes and improvements
    • updated languages 2019-12-20
    • fix: a few potential crash issues (zero-duration clips)
    • fix: CloneBD randomly crashes when processing MPEG-2 content
    • fix: Dolby TrueHD clip transition: apply cross fading when clips have overlapping frames
    • many minor fixes and improvements, hardware acceleration support improved
    • updated languages
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.