CloneBD beta 1.2.4.x beta setup

Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by blank, Feb 22, 2019.

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    It will be back with the next beta ?
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    It's There after all.
    See above:).
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    @Reto is it possible that i'm not seeing much speedbenefit in the X64 version because i'm using CUDA (GTTX 1080A). This is not a complaint, just an observation. I'm using highest quality and both hybrid and full x64 usually cap out around 3-330FPS. I'm assuming there's little CLBD can do in this case and it's a limitation of CUDA/NVENC? As CLBD only serves the frames to CUDA and waits for the recoded frames.

    Or am i missing something and there is an area where i should see a speed increase?
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    Well had issues with the burning. It said completed but there was nothing on the disc. So after finding this thread I went and uninstalled CloneBD completely and rebooted and reinstalled it and now trying with the lastest and hopefully this time it will detect properly and burn to the disk.
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    The reason for a 64bit version is not speed. That's just not what it's about. If there were a speed increase worth mentioning to be noticed, we'd have pushed for a 64bit version early on.
    Some elements may perform a little faster, because in 64 bit mode the processor has more registers and can reduce the amount of memory accesses somewhat.
    But at least software transcoding always was 64bit on a 64bit CPU - only scaling and alpha blending happened within the UI application itself and was 32bit, so that part is expected to be a little bit faster (only when transcoding in software).

    The advantage of using 64bit is the availability of memory. For example with UHD the address space of roughly 3GB on 32bit was slightly crammed - not because CloneBD really needs that much, but because of fragmentation the chances of getting a large, continuous area of memory could get slim. And UHD frames are pretty large.

    When using CUDA, there's not much left for the UI to do, except handle the incoming and outgoing frames and passing them on the the muxer (scaling and alpha blending is also done in the GPU in this mode).
    Also: when you're using CUDA, you will notice, that the CPU mostly idles around and is not really busy. In other words: most of the time the CPU waits for the GPU to complete.
    If the tasks you're assigning to the CPU (that already hardly has any work to do) remain the same but compute faster, the overall process can't get faster, because this will not increase the speed of the GPU.
    You might notice a small, further drop in CPU usage, that's all.
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    Figured that was the case. Thanks for the info. Everything running just as peachy as before then. Now back to waiting for BD3D disc-to-disc backup function

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    Intel QuickSync works with x64 :thankyou:

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    Did the burn with CloneBD and gave error not able to read the BD disc and tried couple times and it finally read and burn the disc but didn't remove the image after completion nor did it make a log file in as previous CloneBD 32bit version did. So something is definitely wrong with the 64bit version. Also those error affected my computer hibernation mode where it would go to sleep and not wake up but I check with another program to find out if that is the case of one or there other causing the hibernation problem again. Will find another BD to test this again.
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    Just wanted to update everyone. I just finished remaking my MKV of Coco twice, once with the .2 version and once with the .3 versions of the beta. Coco still gets out of sync, under both versions. Looks like this specific issue isn't yet addressed. :-(
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    Ah yea, that's another one I forgot about Coco. Good to know that it's still an issue. I'm testing Incredibles 2 in a bit re-ripped with the new version. Hopefully they'll be able to figure this out and get it resolved.
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    Testing Incredibles 2 re-ripped and the problem is still there. It slowly goes out of sync. It takes a while but it definitely happens. You'll see someone close a door, for example, and the audio will be behind by maybe half a second if that.
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    I don't have Incredibles 2 or Coco so am unable to test myself, but can you try something else to see if this makes a difference with sync issues?

    1. Use CloneBD to create your mkv (video only (+ subs if required))
    2. Use HD-DVD / Blu-Ray Streams Extractor to extract the ATMOS and/or other required audio.
    3. Use mkvtoolnix to mux.

    This is the way I create my movie mkv's and have never had a sync issue apart from my first go at Independence Day (seamless branching).
  14. SamuriHL

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    I may not have any time to do that for a couple days but I'll see what I can do when I get a minute.
  15. rshanti

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    I'm more than willing to try this. I just downloaded the tools, but have never used them. Can you give me a short step by step how you use these two tools to remux a movie?
  16. MartyMcNuts

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    Sure thing. Did you get the Streams Extractor as a standalone or as a part of MeGUI? (I use the one in MeGUI, which is slightly different,but you should be able to get the idea anyway.) Hopefully, I don't miss any steps. If you get stuck, just let me know.

    1: Rip the movie to your hard drive.

    2: Open HD-DVD/Blu-ray Streams Extractor and extract the audio.
    2a: Select movie rip folder as input.
    2b: Select output location (if not already)
    2c: Select the correct feature, (playlist essentially) which would be the movie. (Depending on the version you have, you may need to click "Feature(s)" if no features appear)
    2d: Select what audio you want to extract. (For HD audio, make sure you select HD, not the core)
    2e: Run it.

    3: Use CloneBD to create a mkv with just video (and subs if you want). NO AUDIO!! Make it whatever size you want.

    4: Once you have a mkv (video only file) and the extracted audio track(s), use mkvtoolnix to mux them together.
    4a: Drag & drop video mkv into the "source files" window.
    4b: Drag & drop audio track(s) one at a time into the same window. (You will get a popup box asking if you want to add or append files. Select option 1 - "Add as new source files to current multiplex settings")
    4c: In the window below "source files", your items will appear. You can click each item then edit the options to the right (default track, language etc). Make sure the ATMOS audio is the default track.
    4d: If you don't want/need the global tags or chapters, just un-tick them.
    4e: Select the "output" tab at the top. Clear the "File Title" field.
    4f: Set your destination file name and location down the bottom then click "Start Multiplexing"

    Once the new mkv has been muxed, you are done!

    By the way, what movie are you going to test? And does it use seamless branching?
  17. rshanti

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    I'll try it on Coco. And, yes, it uses seamless branching. :) I'll let you know how it goes...
  18. MartyMcNuts

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    OK, cool. Seamless branching can be tricky! As I mentioned previously, the only movie I have had sync issues with was Independence Day which also uses seamless branching.

    To resolve this, I had to extract each segment individually in CloneBD (instead of using the large, full movie, which is auto-selected) and add them to mkvtoolnix (in the correct order. Use the playlist to get the segment order.)

    If you end up trying it this way, step 4 will be a little bit different.

    4a: Add the first video segment.
    4b: Add the 2nd segment (remember the correct order!) When the popup box appears, select the 4th option - "Append to an existing source"
    4c: Do the same for the remaining video segments.
    4d: Now add the audio track. For this, when the popup box appears, you need to select option 1.
    4e: In the window below "source files", your items will appear. You can click each item then edit the options to the right (default track, language etc). Make sure the ATMOS audio is the default track.
    4f: If you don't want/need the global tags or chapters, just un-tick them.
    4g: Select the "output" tab at the top. Clear the "File Title" field.
    4h: Set your destination file name and location down the bottom then click "Start Multiplexing"

    Good luck!!
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    Well, first off your suggestion worked great on Coco!! There's just one "but", and its a positive one. :) Coco's UHD disc does not have any fragments recognized by CloneBD. So I just picked the full movie (Track #800), converted to a video only MKV without transcoding, and then muxed the audio from audio stream that I extracted via HD-DVD/Blu-ray Streams Extractor. Voila! No more sync issue. I've got Incredibles 2 also, so I'll give it a try later and see if it will clean it up also (but I'm thinking it will).

    Thanks so much for the help MartyMcNuts!!

    SamuriHL, do you think we should start another thread with maybe specific instructions on how to do this, with some screen shots? I'm pretty technically saavy and even with Marty's notes, there were a few things it took me a bit to figure out. Also do you think this might help Pete run down the issue in CloneBD?

    Let me know if you think another thread would be helpful.

  20. MartyMcNuts

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    That's great.

    It's strange that the segments aren't showing in CloneBD. Did you note the m2ts segment order from the playlist file? Were any of these showing in CloneBD?

    I should've also mentioned, that I always try the full movie (video only) in CloneBD first, even for titles with seamless branching. Mux the video, extracted audio + subs together with mkvtoolnix and if the movie is out of sync (only 1 movie for me has been out of sync) then I get the individual segments in CloneBD and do it that way. (and I've only had to do this once!)