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  1. Pete

    Pete Forum Admin Staff Member

    Download 64 bit version:

    Download 32 bit version: beta 2019-04-26
    • improved: major rewrite of MLP handling (Dolby TrueHD, Atmos)
    • changed: menu handling
    • fix: some players (e.g. Oppo) crashed when playing back UHD with DolbyVision removed
    • change: remove resolution slider when doing lossless copy to avoid confusion
    • Added B-frame support for Turing generation GPU's
    • some minor fixes and improvements
    • Updated languages beta 2019-03-29
    • fix: HDR info in index.bdmv
    • fix: possible compiler optimization bug causing SPS parsing to fail
    • fix: fix duplicate audio for SEAMLESS clips
    • fix: A/V sync for disks with a lot of short clips
    • fix: A/V sync for old (pure, non-SSIF) 3D discs
    • fix: snapshot generation for some disks
    • fix: timestamp generation to be more accurate (avoids a slight offset between dependent streams, e.g. DolbyVision)
    • fix: when converting UHD to BD, renumber non-conforming subtitle PID values, some players would hang otherwise
    • fix: occasional crash, when opening DolbyVision discs
    • some minor fixes and improvements
    • Updated languages beta 2019-03-29
    internal beta 2019-03-07
    • fix: workaround 64bit compiler bug breaking 3D to MKV conversion
    • fix: workaround nVidia driver HEVC bug (early 2019 Geforce drivers), replace broken buffering period SEI message
    • fix: add missing stop byte when applying HDR SEI messages to UHD streams
    • fix: add extension data to index.bdmv to indicate HDR content (some players would not identify HDR content as such)
    • change: nVidia encoder sets Chroma sampling 4:2:0 type 2 when generating BT.2020 content
    • some minor fixes and improvements
    • Updated languages beta 2019-03-04
    internal beta 2019-02-28

    • fix: hardware acceleration (Intel, nVidia and AMD) could fail when processing many clips in a row
    • change: log file format
    • improved: arrangement of HDR SEI messages (possible cause for Oppo not finding HDR information)
    • fix: correct position of DolbyVision Stream in CLIPINF files
    • Updated languages beta 2019-02-25
    • fix: incorrect call to deviceioctl in 64bit version (could result in missed errors)
    • fix: Intel and AMD hw acceleration could fail in 64bit version
    • fix: some Qt UI style side effects
    • fix: don't propose lossless operation, when lossless is not available (e.g. when subtitles are to be burnt into the video)
    • fix: ignore maximum bitrate setting for DolbyVision sub-stream (could randomly cause unexpectedly small output if DolbyVision stream was to be retained)
    • fix: language dropdown in settings appeared white on white when focused
    • Updated languages beta 2019-02-22
    • new: pure 64bit version (previously hybrid)
    • fix: duration of MP4 files when user aborts early
    • fix: snapshot generation workaround for non conforming AVC source
    • fix: reactivate auto-removal of soundless studio logos when creating MP4/MKV
    • fix: creation of Global Header field esp. with HEVC HDR information
    • fix: SEI creation to identify HDR in UHD titles was sometimes corrupted
    • fix: nVidia hw acceleration error when working on cropped video frames (esp. retranscoding its own previous output)
    • fix: track Header alignment for MKV files (had no negative impact, but was incorrect)
    • fix: very slight shadow around subtitles and logo when using non-accelerated transcoding
    • fix (UI): positioning of message box
    • new (UI): display extended video information in title strips
    • improved: ensure proper clamping of video data when encoding limited rgb
    • workaround a severe bug in BDInfo so it will (mostly) see SPS and VPS information in HEVC
    • upgrade libx265, libx264 to latest version
    • added support for 64 core processors (AMD Threadripper 29xx)
    • many minor fixes and improvements
    • updated languages

    Note, that support for XP has been dropped - you will need at least Windows Vista from now on.
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  2. Reto

    Reto Elaborate Bytes AG

    A note: Version has undergone a major restructuring to ensure absolute precision when converting the somewhat 'touchy' Dolby Atmos.
    This means, that a big part of the core was altered.

    We have done extensive testing, but since there are uncountable different scenarios in all possible configurations and combinations, we rely heavily on your input now.
    If all goes well, this will be a very fine candidate for a major stable release.

    Thank you all in advance for testing and reporting back!
    Positive comments regarding Dolby Atmos output are welcome, too, just so we get a feeling for how well the changes are working out.
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