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    Download 64 bit version:

    Download 32 bit version: beta 2019-05-14
    • fix: incorrect subtitle resolution when encountering Dolby Vision streams (caused a crash)
    • new: fully support HDR10+
    • fix: allow multiple MLP Frames per PES
    • some minor fixes and improvements
    • Updated languages beta 2019-05-12
    • fix: exception when ordering PIDs in stream map with MLP beta 2019-05-10
    • new: support for MP4 files with DolbyVision
    • fix: a few bugs introduced in the previous betas caused exeptions
    • some minor fixes and improvements
    • Updated languages beta 2019-04-26
    • improved: major rewrite of MLP handling (Dolby TrueHD, Atmos)
    • changed: menu handling
    • fix: some players (e.g. Oppo) crashed when playing back UHD with DolbyVision removed
    • change: remove resolution slider when doing lossless copy to avoid confusion
    • Added B-frame support for Turing generation GPU's
    • some minor fixes and improvements
    • Updated languages beta 2019-03-29
    • fix: HDR info in index.bdmv
    • fix: possible compiler optimization bug causing SPS parsing to fail
    • fix: fix duplicate audio for SEAMLESS clips
    • fix: A/V sync for disks with a lot of short clips
    • fix: A/V sync for old (pure, non-SSIF) 3D discs
    • fix: snapshot generation for some disks
    • fix: timestamp generation to be more accurate (avoids a slight offset between dependent streams, e.g. DolbyVision)
    • fix: when converting UHD to BD, renumber non-conforming subtitle PID values, some players would hang otherwise
    • fix: occasional crash, when opening DolbyVision discs
    • some minor fixes and improvements
    • Updated languages beta 2019-03-29
    internal beta 2019-03-07
    • fix: workaround 64bit compiler bug breaking 3D to MKV conversion
    • fix: workaround nVidia driver HEVC bug (early 2019 Geforce drivers), replace broken buffering period SEI message
    • fix: add missing stop byte when applying HDR SEI messages to UHD streams
    • fix: add extension data to index.bdmv to indicate HDR content (some players would not identify HDR content as such)
    • change: nVidia encoder sets Chroma sampling 4:2:0 type 2 when generating BT.2020 content
    • some minor fixes and improvements
    • Updated languages beta 2019-03-04
    internal beta 2019-02-28

    • fix: hardware acceleration (Intel, nVidia and AMD) could fail when processing many clips in a row
    • change: log file format
    • improved: arrangement of HDR SEI messages (possible cause for Oppo not finding HDR information)
    • fix: correct position of DolbyVision Stream in CLIPINF files
    • Updated languages beta 2019-02-25
    • fix: incorrect call to deviceioctl in 64bit version (could result in missed errors)
    • fix: Intel and AMD hw acceleration could fail in 64bit version
    • fix: some Qt UI style side effects
    • fix: don't propose lossless operation, when lossless is not available (e.g. when subtitles are to be burnt into the video)
    • fix: ignore maximum bitrate setting for DolbyVision sub-stream (could randomly cause unexpectedly small output if DolbyVision stream was to be retained)
    • fix: language dropdown in settings appeared white on white when focused
    • Updated languages beta 2019-02-22
    • new: pure 64bit version (previously hybrid)
    • fix: duration of MP4 files when user aborts early
    • fix: snapshot generation workaround for non conforming AVC source
    • fix: reactivate auto-removal of soundless studio logos when creating MP4/MKV
    • fix: creation of Global Header field esp. with HEVC HDR information
    • fix: SEI creation to identify HDR in UHD titles was sometimes corrupted
    • fix: nVidia hw acceleration error when working on cropped video frames (esp. retranscoding its own previous output)
    • fix: track Header alignment for MKV files (had no negative impact, but was incorrect)
    • fix: very slight shadow around subtitles and logo when using non-accelerated transcoding
    • fix (UI): positioning of message box
    • new (UI): display extended video information in title strips
    • improved: ensure proper clamping of video data when encoding limited rgb
    • workaround a severe bug in BDInfo so it will (mostly) see SPS and VPS information in HEVC
    • upgrade libx265, libx264 to latest version
    • added support for 64 core processors (AMD Threadripper 29xx)
    • many minor fixes and improvements
    • updated languages

    Note, that support for XP has been dropped - you will need at least Windows Vista from now on.
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