CloneBD 1.8.x "jumps" to end without processing

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    Since I upgraded to 1.8.8 I can't process most BD anymore. Until start of convertation evrything works fine, but when it starts some files (intros e.g.) are processed but no movie or episodes. It begins and after a second it jumps to the end saying "successful". But the Movie is just 90KB and nothing but a black screen in it.

    What I've done:
    • I de- and reinstalled 1.8.8.
    • So I downgraded to some previous 1.8.4 with no success.
    • I cleaned TEMP folder and BD cache folder - nothing better.
    • Then tested BDs that I just converted before - now they show same error!?

    What can I do? I think maybe there's some setting or TEMP-file left that causes that error.

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  2. Adbear

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    When it jumps to the end and finishes hold own the 'Alt' key and you should get a button that allows you to make a logfile, send that in or post it up so the devs can have a look at what's going on
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    Thanks for the quick response - I'll send the Log in asap.
  4. Homeworld

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    What movies are they? I've seen this bug myself a bunch of times. Saw 2 being one of them, I submitted many logs but they weren't able to come up with a solution.

    In my case instead of using the lossless MKV option for that movie, I used the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC option, it's a bit redundant but CloneBD processed the movie perfectly and gave me a working copy.

    Another option is to go into the CloneBD settings, where it says "Cleanup all cached data" click the Clear button. Might help.
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  5. mcmenace

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    Had same thing happen with Conjuring 2. Happens so fast no time to even get the blank b4 it's written to. Sent in log file. However, found a workaround until somebody fixes it. Rip movie to ISO using anyDVD HD v8042. Then burn the ISO file using cloneBD v1088. As u can see, burned successfully that way for whatever reason.....

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