CloneBD + AMD 5700xt HW Encoding?

Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by hoxlund, Apr 6, 2020.

  1. hoxlund

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    So the changelog has numerous mentions of AMD HW Encoding.

    Am I missing something? Settings still indicates software rendering for H265/h265 10bit

    I am running the latest AMD Drivers 20.4.1

    Or does all this only refer to AMD CPU HW Encoding? Which would be VERY slow compared to if GPU Encoding was enabled.
  2. Pete

    Pete Forum Admin Staff Member

    AMD hw encoding has been fixed for the latest AMD encoding API.
    HEVC has not been implemented, yet.
  3. TheEmpathicEar

    TheEmpathicEar Well-Known Member

    This would explain why I have not yet been able to "shrink" a UHD rip down to a BD50 size ISO?
  4. DarkQuark

    DarkQuark Well-Known Member

    If it's fixed I cannot get it to work. The issue for me is the FPS tops out at 5. So a RIP takes 15+ hours.
  5. coopervid

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    the information regarding UHDs and CloneBD is somewhat cryptic and misleading for all AMD graphics cards owners. Please bring it to the point. I understand from your post that GPU support for UHDs doesn't work with AMD cards for now. Only with BDs. Right?
  6. Pete

    Pete Forum Admin Staff Member

    If you convert a UHD to BD, then, sure, you will benefit from AMD hw acceleration for AVC encoding.

    If you convert an AVC track from a UHD, again, AMD hw acceleration will help.

    It just currently (as before) doesn't support HEVC10, yet. That's not new.

    Other than that, though: I'm not with Elaborate Bytes, I don't know all and everything about this.

    What I do know, is that nVidia is the only GPU with a decent Video API.
    AMD and Intel have a terrible interface, which is not entirely their fault, except for that they decided to pop their API onto DirectX (which is originally a gaming API for crying out loud, it was simply not designed for this purpose).
    That's mainly the reason why things are taking longer with those GPUs. You spend weeks and weeks ironing out spurious bugs, that are near impossible to track down because of the convoluted nature of DirectX (sorry, I'm on a rant-roll).
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  7. manik

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    what's the Status?
  8. Ch3vr0n

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  9. hoxlund

    hoxlund Active Member

    installed the new clonebd... also DDU'd amd drivers and downloaded latest ones

    still no go, wish AMD would figure it out
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  10. i have a ryzen 2400g and having the same problem. fps of 4. after abit of thinking disabled hardware acceleration decoding but kept encoding enabled and getting 150 fps
  11. hoxlund

    hoxlund Active Member

    can you take a screenshot of the settings screen?
  12. here it is

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  13. hoxlund

    hoxlund Active Member

    negetive your doing h264 then, h265 is not working with 5700 series cards in clonebd. check your encoder your using again, this is exactly what i put in settings (same as yours) still only doing cpu encoding H265 (100% cpu too btw)

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  14. yeah i'm not doing h265 encoding only h264 but was only getting 4 fps. had just changed motherboards and cpu and was getting 100fps with old system using decoding and encoding accelaration with integrated graphics AMD chip. am getting 50% cpu usage with new one in these settings
  15. hoxlund

    hoxlund Active Member

    if you read the first post, only care about H265
  16. TomTiddler

    TomTiddler Well-Known Member

    Which chip? I have a NUC with a Vega chip in it, but it doesn't seem to handle both decoding and encoding.
  17. hoxlund

    hoxlund Active Member

    no amd gpu/apu chips handle h265 VCE encoding and decoding right now in clonebd
  18. using a ryzen 5 3400g not a 2400g as was posted in earlier post
  19. so sorry i thought i was just trying to be helpful!!! i thought any ideas would be read and could have been applied to other problems and appreciation for actually giving out ideas that someone else might get further in resolving the problem