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  1. Ivan

    Ivan Admin Staff Member 2018-12-14

    - change: added logging for spurious "invalid source path" problem
    - improved: handling of discs with with bogus playlists
    - new: added support for pre-formatted BD-R discs set for SRM+POW (CloneBD creates filesystem UDF 2.60 instead of 2.50, then)
    - fix: don't suppress duplicate playlists with differing subpath elements
    - UI-fix: message box truncated long button text
    - Change: max supported bit rate (formerly forced some discs to be compressed, even if not requested)
    - fix: slow processing of frames when copy only is selected for some discs
    - fix: some 50i PAL material should now be processed with a correct frame rate
    - fix: subtitle transcoding for 3D video
    - fix: more sub version of Dolby Atmos are supported
    - fix: various A/V sync issues when many clips are combined together for some discs
    - fix: more Japanese BDAV recorder formats are now supported
    - fix: memory optimizations for still supported Windows XP
    - fix: audio channel mapping for 7.1 to AAC stereo
    - improved: incorrectly marked discs as encrypted are now processed as well
    - improved: more HEVC encoder optimizations
    - improved: more AVC encoder optimizations
    - improved: full support for VC-1 interlaced video added
    - many minor fixes and improvements
    - updated languages