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    Download: beta 2018-06-21
    • new: on partial copies automatically stick forced subtitles to the associated audio language.
      When no particular subtitle is chosen, player automatically displays the forced subtitle (if present) matching the audio language.
      Note: during playback, this requires use of the popup menu generated by CloneBD when switching languages.
    • fixed: decoding of VC-1 PAFF
    • fixed: decoding of VC-1 (bottom lines no longer green)
    • fixed: decoding of HEVC (UHD) with multiple SPS
    • fixed: decoding of HEVC (multiple issues)
    • fixed: encoding to AAC has no longer distortions
    • fixed: encoding to AAC now complies with recommendation for MP4 files
    • fixed: lossless copy of Dolby Atmos
    • fixed: BD subtitles in .mkv streams when copied as 3D
    • fixed: snapshot generation for some BDs
    • many minor fixes and improvements
    • updated languages
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.