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  1. Ivan

    Ivan Admin Staff Member 2018-04-12
    - improved: HEVC encoder - better Windows 32-bit plus XP, Vista support
    - improved: Intel hardware acceleration stability
    - changed: nVidia hardware AVC encoder adds VUI information
    - fixed: fields interlaced PAL
    - improved: HEVC parsing
    - fixed: exceptions caused by invalid PMT (corrupted source data) beta 2018-03-28
    - fixed: possible crash when copying stream files w/o video from UHD source
    - changed: allow to deselect audio/subtitle streams with partial copies and "keep original menu", when
    playlist has subpaths
    - fixed: (cosmetic) retain auxiliary stream information for HD audio over sessions
    - changed: always show create log file button
    - fixed: Ultra HDs with AVC 1080p video
    - fixed: nVidia decoder aftefacts on Ultra HD input
    - fixed: scale error with 1080p on Ultra HD source
    - new: option to autosave log files after every conversion (default: on)
    - new: add format BD-R(E) XL for burning (experimental)
    - changed: video limiter to protect maximum muxrate in case of high audio bitrates beta 2018-03-22
    - fixed: scaling artefact occurred when converting 3D source to MKV top/bottom format
    - fixed: descriptor 05 output for HEVC (caused CloneBD to not read its own UHD copies correctly)
    - fixed: frame rate for fields encoded NTSC
    - fixed: AUD NAL unit now grouped correctly
    - fixed: MKV HEVC private header (CodecPrivate)
    - fixed: regression: lossless UHD to MKV would not play on all players
    - fixed: regression: playlists with subpaths were not handled correctly
    - fixed: autoadjust preselected output size, when toggling Dolby Vision removal beta 2018-03-14
    - fixed: support for more UHD discs
    - fixed: lossless copy of HEVC to Matroska (.mkv)
    - fixed: VC-1 playback for some BBC blu-ray titles
    - new: option to remove DolbyVision
    - fixed: LPCM decoding on some audio Blu-rays
    - fixed: DTS-HD decoding on some Japanese Blu-rays
    - fixed: transcoding for some blu-ray titles with rapidly changing video bitrate
    - improved: hardware video encoding on AMD GPUs
    - improved: HEVC software encoding
    - improved: AVC video encoding parameters to support more hardware players
    - fixed: retain Dolby Vision SEI
    - fixed: support format changed in clpi for Dolby Vision
    - new: downconvert Ultra HD to Blu-ray with HDR to SDR conversion and removal of UHD extension (partial copies only)
    - fixed: misbehaving progress bar on UHD source beta 2018-02-05
    - Fix: UHD multiplexing
    - Fix: Atmos audio tracks
    - Fix: HEVC with HDR meta data
    - Improved: better support for XP on Win32 machines
    - many minor fixes and improvements
    - updated languages