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    Ivan Admin Staff Member 2017-12-08
    • New: support for Ultra HD
    • fixed: memory mapping could fail after many individual transcodes
    • fixed: allow larger frame sizes for HEVC input
    • change: disable hardware acceleration for old Intel GPUs, that only support decoding
    • change: improve intel hw acceleration stability
    • improved: AMD hardware encoding (AVC)
    • fixed: A/V sync issues when source has many tiny clips
    • fixed: further Japanese BD recorder formats
    • fixed: further digital camcorder BD formats
    • fixed: LPCM audio tracks with rare channel alignment beta
    • Fix: memory leak on skipped preview images
    • Fix: delayed audio in matroska files no longer stop transcoding
    • Fix: support for more HEVC video streams
    • Fix: subtitles between clips could cause an exception
    • Improved: better encoding settings when using AMD HW encoding (VCE)
    • Workaround: aspect ratio fall back to 16:9 for square pixels on some MPEG-2 sources beta
    • Improved: nVidia HDR to SDR conversion and preview player with more accurate color conversion (colors richer).
    • Fix: converter blocking throughput, when no alpha blending occurs
    • Fix: correctly identify TrueHD 5.1 streams
    • Change: reenable HEVC lossless preview
    • Fix: better HEVC handling of open gops (HEVC key frames)
    • Fix: surface ordering of AVC streams
    • Fix: preview decoding of only key frames
    • Fix: memory allocation problems when using Intel acceleration or processing multiple discs in a row beta
    • Fix: bert would occasionally not resize properly
    • Fix: chpl atom in MP4 files
    • Fix: fragmented clips could be identified as bogus
    • Fix: implement new AMD hardware acceleration interface
    • Fix: Detection of TrueHD tracks
    • Fix: Frame rate of some video tracks incorrectly displayed in MKV header
    • Fix: more support for MPEG-2 video tracks
    • Fix: added further support for some Japanese Panasonic BD recorders
    • New: show accelerators used per codec for encoding on target page
    • New: UHD to MKV/MP4 lossless
    • New: added support for HEVC 10 bit,
      BT.2020 color matrix
      HDR transfer characteristics
      2160p resolution
    • New: support UHD to MKV/MP4 (10 bit HDR or 8 bit SDR with color space conversion and luminance correction)
    • Improved: abort of converter thread aborts
    • Improved: snapshot gathering speed
    • Improved: enhanced clpi 3D sector layout detection
    • Improved: slightly faster AMD encoding (driver still limits the maximum rate to some arbitrary number, although the GPU is not maxed out)
    • Improved: shared memory handling
    • Change: MKV/MP4 omit additional title description in filename, if only a single file is produced
    • many minor fixes and improvements
    • updated languages