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Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by TimH32, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. TimH32

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    I updated to and now CloneBD is no longer working for anything.

    Everything looks normal up until I click "Begin Conversion"... I then get a message that says "Error in ProcessMenu".

    Doesn't matter if I try to clone from disc to an ISO file or clone from an ISO file to disc or clone from disc to disc... fails every time no matter the disc, even discs that previously cloned successfully before now fail.

    Any ideas?

    I'd like to try downgrading back to to see if the issue goes away but I no longer have that setup file and it appears doesn't make previous versions available for download. :-(

    I'm open to any suggestions.

  2. Pete

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    I'm betting, that you have a 32bit Windows - there's a known bug with the current version on Win32.
    A fix for this will appear today or tomorrow.
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  3. TimH32

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    You would win that bet... I'm running CloneBD on a Win7Pro 32 bit PC. Thanks for the update, I'll be watching for that fix.
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  5. TimH32

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    Follow up... updating to corrected the issue. Thanks!
  6. Pete

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    Thank you for your feedback (and reporting the problem in the first place).